From MEAN GIRLS to MTV: Jonathan Bennett Talks COPYCAT


Jonathan Bennett will host the show that’s going to bring music back to MTV! COPYCAT premieres June 2nd on the reality show filled network, COPYCAT will help break that mold with a new music competition. I spoke with Bennett about COPYCAT’s setup, Mean Girl’s 10th Anniversary, and why he thinks people should watch the show.

Mean Girls just celebrated its 10th anniversary! Did you think the movie was going to be as big as it was when you were making it?
Jonathan Bennett: No! When we were making it we were just a bunch of kids who had no clue what we were getting into. We were just kids who were really talented actors that wanted to make a movie that we thought was funny. We just thought this movie is really fun let’s do a good job and that was it, and then all of a sudden boom, it became what it was.

What was the best lesson you took away from working on the film?
I learned a lot about how to act on set by some of the seasoned veterans, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Is there a line that people always quote to you when they see you on the street?
Yes! I get it, I don’t need to be told, my hair looks sexy pushed back. I get it, every single day of my life for the past ten years someone has come up and said to me “your hair looks sexy pushed back.” And it’s the utmost flattering thing in the world.

What can you tell us about your new show COPYCAT? How is the format of the show?
COPYCAT is the show that is… are you ready for it…bringing music back to MTV! It’s a music competition singing show and we feature music from the biggest names, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Usher, Lady Gaga, Adam Levine, and we bring on the super fans who think they sound just like their favorite recording artist. They think they can do a spot on Miley Cyrus, and we bring them on the show and each show they compete to see who can embody their favorite artist the best. Then the audience votes and we give $5,000 to the winner. And the fun part is they sing in the dark for the first half of the song and then they lights are turned up, so you might hear a voice that sounds just like Alicia Keys and then the lights go up and it’s a two hundred and fifty pound black dude that’s six five. And that’s what’s fun, there are no limits and there are no rules when it comes to who can embody those performers. And you never know what you’re going to see ever! It’s by far one of my favorite things I’ve done in the past ten years, it’s hysterical and people aren’t afraid to throw down on the show. So you will see some catfights the claws will come out.

Are there any singers that you really loved during their audition?
One of my favorites is a girl named Becky. You just can’t not love Becky she was great she does Gaga.

Are there any specific singers you would love to see covered on the show?
Oh gosh, I would like to get any type of male country singers. A little Toby Keith or a little something like that.

Do you come from a musical background?
I am the worst singer in the world, I am awful, I don’t sing on the show because I really like the fans of MTV and I don’t want to put them through that much misery. I love the audience too much to make them feel that pain (Laughs)

Why do you think people should watch the show?
It’s the show that brings music back to MTV; you never know what you’re going to see. Not only do you get to hear music again but also you literally never know what’s going to happen on the show. Shit goes down on this show! It gets intense.

You can watch Jonathan host COPYCAT June 2nd on MTV.

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