Funny Business: Stars Brent Morin, Chris D’Elia, Ron Funches and Rick Glassman Talk Up Their New NBC Sitcom UNDATEABLE

undateable cast nbc
By: Sarah Stephens

NBC is rolling out new comedy with sitcome UNDATEABLE, Thursday May 29th. UNDATEABLE stars stand-up comedians Brent Morin, Chris D’Elia (WHITNEY), Ron Funches (CRASH & BERNSTEIN), Rick Glassman, David Flynn and Bianca Kajlich (RULES OF ENGAGEMENT). Hailing from showrunner Bill Lawrence (COUGAR TOWN, SCRUBS), UNDATEABLE explores the awkward territory of what makes someone thoroughly “undateable,” with hilarious results. Like the classic odd couple, Justin (Brent Morin), a sweet but dating clueless bar owner, suddenly moves in with slick man-boy Danny (Chris D’Elia.) Taking pity on Justin and his hapless group of friends, Danny decides to be their guide to unlocking the mysteries of women. sat down with the stars of UNDATEABLE to get the details on these loveable characters, how the show came together, what UNDATEABLE would be like as a musical and get some real life dating advice from the stars. Check out our interviews with stars Brent Morin, Chris D’Elia, Ron Fuches and Rick Glassman below!

UNDATEABLE premieres Thur, May 29th at 9/8pm on NBC.

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