Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Returning Favorites We’re Excited For this Summer

orange is the new black cast
By: Kelly Thompson

It’s that time of the year again TV Addicts. The fall season is over which means that our favorite summer shows are returning. Below is my list of the five returning shows I’m excited about this summer:

As soon as I finally got a subscription to Netflix, OITNB was the first show I watched … and I did not like the first 2 episodes (like at all). So much in fact that I stepped back from the show for about a month. When I finally got around to watching the 3rd episode everything changed and I learned what everyone else already knew, this show is pretty badass. I didn’t even realize that it was as badass as it is until I tried to explain what was happening in the finale to someone and by doing so it required me to explain the whole season. That is how well thought out the writers handled this first season. Basically, to say that I’m excited for June 6th is a bit on an understatement.

Rookie Blue returns for its 5th season next week and this blogger couldn’t be happier. While it may not be the highest quality show out there but it’s consistently emotional, intriguing and entertaining storylines. My thoughts on how to make the show even better this season: get rid of any love triangle involving Sam and Andi, we’re all done with that nonsense. Let them be together and think of interesting storylines that involve their relationship. Also, it’s time to kill one of the “Rookies.” The death of Gary was great and crazy emotional so I can’t even imagine what would happen if Chris died in the line of duty.

PLL is a summer staple and I couldn’t be more excited for theses upcoming episodes. The last we saw the Liars they were on a roof with a bleeding Ezra and ‘A’ leaping off a roof to get away from them. Ally is also no longer on the run so she should be joining up with our Liars in no time. My only concern is that every Liar needs a new love interest. Paige seems gone but Caleb is back … it’s not that I don’t like the Caleb character but all of the significant others are officially boring and the Liars either need to be alone (none of them can hold down a healthy relationship anyway) or bring in some freshmeat.

Graceland is the first show I’ve watched on USA and I watched it for two reasons: I thought I was missing out on the quality television USA was putting out and Aaron Tveit. While the first season was a little rocky, the end of the season was strong and definitely intrigued me enough to come back for the second season. Plus, I called a Paige/Mike relationship from about episode 2 and I want to see if it comes true and I cannot wait until they make Tveit or Daniel Sunjata sing (that has to happen soon right..?).

Mistresses is literally summer television; it’s not getting nominated for any Emmys anytime soon and was pretty all over the place but that’s the exact reason why I watched every episode. Now that the damn baby daddy issue is over with (I screamed opened the envelope Savi about 100 times last season), I’m interested to see where the writers take these nutty women this season.

Sound off below about my picks and your favorite summer shows.

Kelly Thompson has been addict to television for as far back as she can remember and the addiction has only grown as she’s getting older and television is becoming more readily available. Two of the most important things in her life are Netflix and her DVR. When she isn’t watching television, she is normally ranting about it to anyone that will listen and now that includes the TV Addict readers. You can also read her rants on twitter @TVwithKelly.

  • Jen

    Can’t wait for OITNB! The finale was insane! I haven’t watched Rookie Blue yet but it looks like it’s right up my alley…police/crime mixed with drama is an unbeatable combo haha.

  • Jessica Dennett

    Thanks for your comments, you’re funny!!