Most Twisted Take: The minute Prince Oberyn Martell showed up on GAME OF THRONES, we found ourselves thinking he looked and sounded more than a little like THE PRINCESS BRIDE’s Indigo Montoya. So how cool was it that his final episode featured a showdown in which he basically said, “My name is Oberyn Martell. You killed my sister. Prepare to die!”

Biggest WTF Moment: Every time we think PENNY DREADFUL is going to zip, then loop-de-loop with something like the Dorian/Ethan sex scene.

Coolest Sequence: THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL continued to raise the bar on location shoots by turning its latest international jaunt into an action sequence that featured Ridge falling out of a helicopter!

Sweetest Tribute: TV Land will honor the late Ann B. Davis with a 12-hour BRADY BUNCH marathon running from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Call Sam the butcher and order something special to serve on TV trays while watching.

Best Role Model: In apologizing for his homophobic remarks, Jonah Hill told Jimmy Fallon people should use him “as an example of what not to do.”

Most Controversial Move: LOUIE’s title character committed an act that left even some devoted fans debating the fine line between aggressive behavior and sexual assault.

Proof Summer Is The Dead Zone: Despite a clunky pilot filled with bad exposition and elements borrowed from every medical show ever filmed, THE NIGHT SHIFT managed to hold onto 94 percent of its debut audience during its second outing.

Dirtiest Tactic: Defamer claimed that TMZ obtained the controversial Justin Bieber vid — in which he sings racist lyrics — years ago, and has been “blackmailing” him with it ever since!

Most Delusional: Apparently, Jerry Seinfeld — unhappy that NBC has a show called UNDATEABLE — thinks he was the first person in the history of mating to use the term.

Cause Most Worth Dying For: GAME OF THRONES author George R.R. Martin is raising money for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and The Food Depot by holding an auction, the winner of which he’ll turn into a character who will “certainly meet a grisly death!”

Best Reaction: After finding out that THE BACHELORETTE would be pre-empted by a Hillary Clinton interview, host Chris Harrison calmed Bachelor Nation by assuring them, “She’s on this journey for the right reasons, and ABC News promises [the] most dramatic interview ever!”

Saddest Development: In the latest blow to an industry that’s taken more than its fair share of hits, it was announced that this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards will not be broadcast on television, but rather streamed at

Least Likely To Survive: ABC announced they’re moving BLACK BOX to 8 p.m. Tuesdays. If you’re a patient of the show’s lead character, we suggest finding another doctor… stat!

Best Disguise: GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Nina seems filled to the brim with sunshine and light after having spent 20 years in a coma… but something tells us that kitty has a whip she’ll break out in the very near future!

Worst Neighbors: Folks in the titular location are ticked about the filming of KOURTNEY AND KHLOE TAKE THE HAMPTONS. What indignity will the wealthy enclave have to suffer next? A Wamart SuperCenter.

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