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I spoke with Katie Stevens, one of the stars of MTV’s breakout hit, FAKING IT. Stevens plays Karma, the outgoing, soul searching, fifteen year old who is a bit confused at the moment. We talked about her favorite scene from this season, Karma’s future with Liam, (Gregg Sulkin) and Karma’s relationship with Amy. (Rita Volk)

What was your initial reaction to working with Rita? Did you both work well together from the beginning?
Katie Stevens: Rita and I met during the audition process because we both went out for Karma. Her and I spoke before auditions etc and then when we both got cast, we wanted to make sure we built a legitimate friendship. We went to dinner together, hung out at each other’s houses, learned about one another’s family and personal life. Now when we are in a scene we see facial expressions that one another will do in scenes and we’re like “Wow you do that in real life too!” We are great friends now.

The shows main focus above everything is the friendship between Karma and Amy. Who are some of your all time favorite TV friends?
Monica and Rachel from FRIENDS. Hands down!

What has been your favorite scene to shoot this season?
The final Karma and Amy scene in the finale has so much passion and heart, it’s the final breakthrough and required both of us to be raw and emotional, and as actresses it was a challenge. But we both loved it!

Your fans are very vocal about the show! Is it overwhelming at times? Do you feel a big responsibility being on a show that is impacting teens in a positive way?
Sometimes it’s overwhelming because as viewers I think sometimes fans think that we actually are our characters and they get angry and I’m like “wait no! I’m Katie! I just play Karma!” But we have been really lucky to have such passionate fans, they love the show and are invested in our characters and their stories, and that is exactly what matters to us. It’s amazing to say that I have fans and people that care so much about this story we’re telling.

It’s clear that Amy’s feelings for Karma aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Do you think she will be able to accept it if Karma wants to date Liam?
I think it would cause a rift in their relationship. But Karma’s relationship with Amy is more important to her than her relationship with Liam.

Do you think Liam is good for Karma? Do you think they could actually work?
Karma is 15 and has a lot of things to figure out and discover about herself. I think Liam is a phase in that. Every 15-year-old girl pines after someone. I know when I was 15 I had nothing figured out and wanted to pine after the cute boy and have my best friend there to talk about it with. I think the whole situation with Karma and Liam is all part of Karma growing up and learning the consequences of her actions.

If/ when Amy tells Karma about her feelings for her how do you think Amy will handle it? What would that mean for their status at school?
I don’t think either of them would care about their status at school at that point. When those feelings come up it is a much deeper thing than any high school status. It’s a major event in their friendship, and ultimately they will have to work through it together.

The show just got picked up! What would you like to see happen next season on the show? What do you want for Karma?
I want to see Karma grow up a little. I think she made some poor choices this season not really thinking about the consequences and finally at the end of the first season she loses people and “karma” kind of bites her in the ass. But I think that needed to happen in order for her to grow, so I’m excited to see what will happen next in this story!

You can watch the season finale of FAKING IT tonight on MTV at 10:30 and you can follow Katie on twitter at @thekatiestevens

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    I really hope karma and liam work out and Amy and karma can still have their amazing friendship