Oddest Scheduling Move: AMC announced that it had renewed BETTER CALL SAUL for a second season despite it not having aired a single episode. Then, they revealed that the show wouldn’t even debut until 2015, with the second season dropping in 2016. Whatever. Just let me know when it hits Netflix and I can binge watch.

Most Welcome Denial: Michelle Dockery told The Hollywood Reporter that, contrary to rumors, she would not be leaving DOWNTON ABBEY.

Best Twist: After weeks of having E.J. and Abigail try to keep his bride-to-be from finding out about their tryst, DAYS OF OUR LIVES yanked the rug out from under viewers by revealing that Sami has known for ages! As Sami said to a portrait of ubervillain Stefano, “What is it you always say? Revenge is a dish best served cold? I’m on it!”

Worst Product Placement: Police accused two New York City men of distributing heroine — linked to the deaths of several people — in envelopes stamped with the BREAKING BAD logo.

The TMI Award Goes To… : Former BACHELOR contestant Courtney Robertson who, in promoting her new book about the experience, revealed that she and the titular hunk, Ben Flajnik, had sex in the ocean, but “only for about 20 seconds and, um, it was just the tip.” In other words, she didn’t get the whole Big Ben experience.

Least Shocking Reveal: According to an audience member who attended Honey Boo Boo’s taping of THE JIMMY FALLON SHOW, the portly pageant queen is little more than a puppet. And if you guessed that it’s Mama June’s hands pulling the string, give yourself an extra helping of go-go juice.

Best Reason Not To Sing In The Shower: Do so and risk being endlessly hounded by a loved one hoping to win the $50,000 AMERICAN IDOL will give to the “true believer” who convinces next season’s winner to audition.

Saddest Statement: PBS will air a 30-minute version of SESAME STREET designed to cater to kids with short attention spans. Because heaven forbid they… squirrel! Um… what were we saying?

Worst Medical Advice: Called before the Senate’s consumer protection panel, Dr. Oz was called out for making claims on his television show about weight-loss aids that he, according to Senator Claire McCaskill, knew were “not true.”

Least Self-actualized: During an interview with Howard Stern, walking parody Donald Trump — he of the faux presidential ambitions, legendarily bad hair and love of hyperbole — dubbed Seth Meyers “awkward” and said that he “shouldn’t be doing television.”

The Final Countdown: Legendary DJ Casey Kasem passed away at the age of 82. Given that he was also the voice of SCOOBY DOO’s stoner Shaggy, we’re hoping there’s a whole lotta awesome munchies awaiting him in heaven.

Best Non-Spoiler Spoiler: Although GAME OF THRONES fans were convinced the season would end with Lady Stoneheart’s appearance, she was nowhere to be seen.

Easiest Paycheck: Remember when it broke that Chelsea Clinton was being paid $600,000 a year as a correspondent for NBC’s news division? This week, it was reported that while she hasn’t appeared on-air in four months, she’s working on two stories that’ll air… at some point. Nice work if you can get it…

Most Doomed Project: Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic has already had to deal with backlash over the casting of Disney Channel regular Zendaya Coleman and the late singer’s family and friends threatening to block the production’s access to her music.

Best Holiday Treat: Over the July 4th weekend, AMC will air every episode of THE WALKING DEAD in what it is calling the “Dead, White & Blue” marathon. Because what’s more patriotic than zombies?

Most Likely To Fail: Of all the things people might turn to Netflix in search of, Chelsea Handler’s chatfest likely ranks somewhere between MURDER, SHE WROTE reruns and Pauly Shore flicks.

Coolest Casting: James Marsters — best known as BUFFY’s sexy vamp Spike — will play a witch on the upcoming season of THE WITCHES OF EAST END.

Oddest Prelude: HBO will air mini Beyonce concerts before each episode of the returning TRUE BLOOD.

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