For Your EMMY Consideration: Outstanding Supporting Actress and Actor in a Drama Series

By: Kelly Thompson

Emmy nominations are less than a month away, which means that in just under a month I (along with all TV Addicts) will be whining and complaining about the actors and shows that did not make the ballet. So to help Emmy voters and give attention to the less-noticed contenders, I have compiled my list of Dream Nominations.

It is important to state here (before you sound off about it in the comments) I do not watch most HBO/Showtime shows or Mad Men so you will not find any of those below. But Mad Men and HBO/Showtime get enough attention as it is so this is more about the underdogs (along with some heaving hitters). The lists will also be uneven because … well because there are some actors/shows that I watch that haven’t earned a spot on my Dream List; I tried to have at least 3 in each category. Feel free to angrily tell me who or what I missed in the comments.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
• Christine Baranski, THE GOOD WIFE
• Megan Follow, REIGN
• Archie Panjabi, THE GOOD WIFE

Sandra Oh left Grey’s the right way and because of that Shonda Rhimes gave Christina the best goodbye any actor could hope for. We knew it was coming all season and it was still the most emotional thing to happen on Grey’s in a long time. I thought Christina’s goodbye was great, made sense and very much deserving. Oh acted the hell out of everything she was given especially her confrontation with Burke and hopefully will receive an Emmy nod on her way out as well. Megan Follow is the best thing that happened to the CW. Her one liners are up there with the best of them and somehow can keep me laughing and only wanting good things for her while also trying to kill almost everyone else in the show. The two supporting ladies on The Good Wife were fantastic this season and it is honestly hard to pick who deserves the win more, although my money is on Baranski this season.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
• Alan VanSprang, REIGN
• Daniel Gillies, THE ORIGINALS
• Josh Charles, THE GOOD WIFE

Reign is suppose to be a show about the young Mary, Queen of Scots and all her young friends; well that is what the show is about but the youngsters weren’t what kept me coming back week after week. It was the adults; VanSprang portrayed King Henry perfectly and his progression into madness was heartbreaking and scary all at the same time. Gillies as Elijah is one of the best things about The Originals. He is classy, terrifying and loving. He’s speech in the finale this season about letting Hailey into his heart was heartbreaking and deserved multiple watchings. The Originals is about Klaus most of the time but it is Gillies portrayal as Elijah that steals most scenes. Josh Charles could take this prize based on the “Hit the Fan” episode alone, he was fantastic in the scene when he confronted Alicia and knocked all her stuff off her desk.

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