Q&A: Chyler Leigh Talks TAXI BROOKLYN, Reflects on Lexie Grey’s Tragic GREY’S ANATOMY Exit

Chyler Leigh

In 2007 we met Lexie Grey on the ABC hit medical drama, GREY’S ANATOMY. Millions of people (myself included) fell in love with a character that initially we weren’t supposed to like. Since her very tragic departure from the show many of us were very eager to see what the incredibly talented actress would do next. So what’s next for Chyler Leigh? TAXI BROOKLYN! Leigh stars as Detective Cat Sullivan on the NBC cop action/comedy. I spoke with Leigh about her GREY’S past, her new show, and what we can look forward to in the pilot premiering June 25th at 10PM on NBC.

Lexie Grey was arguably one of the best characters on the show! (My personal favorite) How was it playing such a lovable character? What did you take away from playing her for so long?
Chyler Leigh: Well, for starters, Lexie was the first character that I was able to develop for longer than a 13-episode stretch! No, seriously. It was an honor to portray her. I am always so surprised when people tell me how much they loved her. I am humbled each time and proud of the woman I helped define.

How did you feel about Lexie’s death? Did you like the way your character was written off the show?
I feel that her death was very well written. Yes, it was a shocker. And honestly, it was to me, too. However, I trusted that Shonda (Rhimes) would honor her and let her go in a beautiful, tragic, and powerful way.

What can you tell us about your new show, TAXI BROOKLYN?
TAXI BROOKLYN is a new kind of show, I believe. Stylistically, it’s fresh and cool and unique. I think that we captured that European, cinematic feel in a very relatable and exciting way that I believe our American audience will truly appreciate.

How would you describe your character, Detective Caitlyn Sullivan?
Cat is a tough chick. We pick up in her story in the wake of her father’s murder and in her pursuit of justice over the tragedy. Her marriage fell apart and she really lost who she is. So, she became hell-bent on finding answers no matter what the consequence.

What can you tell us about Cat’s father?
Cat’s father was a police officer. He really wanted a boy when Cat was born but still obviously loved her tremendously. However, he did treat her like a boy in a lot of ways and throughout her life, she really thrived on his approval. So, she decided to join the academy and it turned out that her natural instincts made her a great detective.

Can you tell us about Leo? How did he come into Cat’s life?
We first meet Leo in the midst of a high-speed car chase. By gunpoint (and very reluctantly), he’s become part of a felony and falls into Cat’s hands for judgment. We come to find he has a pretty shady past, which adds a unique perspective, and proves helpful to Cat on her continual journey for answers.

What will we see in the Pilot?
You’re gonna see a lot of high speed action and will hopefully be surprised by the humor and drama as well. There are incredibly talented people on this show. I am very proud of the work we’ve done and am confident that it gets even better from here.

What scene or episode are you most excited for fans to see?
There’s a scene that comes up a few episodes in where Cat is confronted by the woman her husband had an affair with. It’s pretty intense but we had a blast filming it. Caterina Murino is a powerful, beautiful, and talented woman. I think it’ll translate we’ll.

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