We Shine the Spotlight on HELL ON WHEELS’ Newest Addition MacKenzie Porter

MacKenzie Porter

The fourth season of HELL ON WHEELS premieres tonight on AMC. The newest cast member, MacKenzie Porter plays Naomi, Cullen’s soon-to-be wife. I spoke with Porter about her role on this season of the show, what we can look forward to in the premiere, and what it’s like to go on tour.

You will be a series regular this season on HELL ON WHEELS. Were you a fan of the show before you got cast?
MacKenzie Porter: I was a fan before but had only seen the first season. I binged watched season 2 and 3 in 2 days after I found out I was cast.

You play Cullen’s wife, Naomi. What can you tell is about her?
Naomi is a sweet young Mormon girl who finds herself in the very difficult situation of getting pregnant outside of marriage. She is forced to marry the father, Cullen which ends up turning her whole world upside down. She will face many physical and emotional challenges.

What can you tell us about season 4 premiere?
For me, the first episode of Season 4 was initiation by fire haha! It is pretty intense, especially for Naomi. She is faced with one of the most difficult decisions of her life…her husband or her religion and family.

What scene or episode are you most excited for fans to see this season on the show?
There is a scene we shot just a few days ago. It was between Anson (who plays my husband) and me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so present in a scene. It’s extremely moving and I think it will really touch the audience. For me as an actor, it was a breakthrough moment. Episode 8!

MacKenzie Porter

Aside from acting you sing! Is singing something you have always wanted to pursue?
It is! I started playing music when I was 4. I sang pretty much every day.. all day.. around my house, in the yard, in the shower, you name it! My parents would get mad at me because I wouldn’t stop or was singing too loudly. I adore everything about music, especially making it!

What’s your favorite part about touring?
People singing along to my songs. I am always so surprised people even know who I am let alone know the words to my songs. Having people sing with you to words you wrote is a beautiful experience.

You can watch MacKenzie in the season premiere of HELL ON WHEELS tonight at 9:00 on AMC. You can also check out her latest single, “If You Ask Me To.”

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