Richest Nerds: THE BIG BANG THEORY cast finally wrapped a deal that will give them all pay checks pretty much anyone short of Bill Gates would envy. Because why shouldn’t people pretending to be smart make more money than, you know, teachers and scientists and others who actually are.

Best Reaction: Awakened in the night by her cop mom being summoned to a crime scene, MURDER IN THE FIRST’s Louise reacted as only a tired six-year-old can by insisting, “These murders have got to stop!”

Most Susceptible: MISTRESSES’ Josslyn never thought of Harry as more than her brother-in-law… until it was put in her head how sexy he is. Turns out, there are none so blind as those who will not see!

Least Surprising Cancellation: The biggest shock where BLACK BOX getting the axe is concerned is that ABC waited this long.

Best Drinking Buddy: CBS announced that FAMILY TIES alum Meredith Baxter will join THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS as Maureen, who’ll belly up to the bar with newly off-the-wagon alcoholic Nikki.

Most Desperate Ploy: Obviously hoping to create the kind of fun “rivalry” that exists between THE DAILY SHOW’s Jon Stewart and THE O’REILLY FACTOR’s Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity has been practically begging Stephen Colbert to come on his show.

Best Journey: Appropriately enough, the most romantic soap on the air — THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — began airing footage taped in the world’s most romantic city, Paris.

Lamest “Leak”: Someone at E! told the New York Daily News that they are fearful of handing over an hour of live television to Chelsea handler for her chatfest’s final episode. Translation: The more people think she might do something outrageous, the bigger numbers the finale will bring for us.

Coolest Stunt: The season premiere of NASHVILLE will feature two live performances from the show’s Bluebird Café set.

Let The Endless Speculation Begin!: A Netflix exec said that there would be another season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, adding that it was simply a matter of when. We now enter that endless phase where everyone ever associated with the show is asked about the next season every time they do an interview. Are we bored yet?

Best Outfit: Although BIG BROTHER considered it a punishment for Caleb to wear fig leaf undies — and nothing but — viewers considered it a treat.

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