Funniest “Blooper”: An official DOWNTON ABBEY photo features Lady Edith, her loving father… and a very modern plastic water bottle!

Best Comeback: After being left hanging by Caleb, BIG BROTHER’s Frankie still managed to win a two-man competition all by himself.

Shortest Strike: A walk-out by SURVIVOR’s editors ended a day later when their issues were addressed by the production company.

Biggest Irony: With its programming increasingly being hate-watched and debunked, it would appear that Shark Week has, in fact, jumped the shark.

Quickest Wedding: Moments after being stood up by would-be beau Liam, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Hope took the plunge (literally) by jumping into a marriage with his brother, Wyatt, and leaping off a yacht!

Easiest Defense To Mount: TMZ reported that the folks behind MTV’s TRUE LIFE: ADDICTED TO PILLS are being sued by David Nickell. His claim? That they encouraged him to buy pills and then to a woman… in front of her son. The filmed transaction was used in court and, as a result, he wound up doing seven months beyond bars. Of course, I’d think all the producers have to say in order to get the case dismissed is that classic mom line, “If your friends told you to jump off a bridge, would you have done it?”

Best Romance: At long last, THE LEFTOVERS’ Kevin and Nora got together, giving this incredibly depressing show some much needed happiness. Which no doubt means one or both of them will be dead before the recently-renewed series ends its first season.

Most Shocking Reveal: We all knew that GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Levi was a bad guy… but it turned out the supposed tree-hugger isn’t, as claimed, actually a vegetarian! How very dare!

Best Advice: “You’ll be alright,” said MISTRESSES’ Harry to Joss, who worried about meeting her boyfriend’s parents. “Just don’t talk so fast, or swear so much or tell your lesbian stories.”

Truest Words: Upon being dragged back to Salem, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ vixen Kristen joked, “I’m sure everybody’s tweeting up a storm!” Given how much fans are loving portrayer Eileen Davidson’s wicked performances, they most definitely were!

Couple We Need To Stop Shipping: We’ve been hoping THE WALKING DEAD’s Carol and Daryl would hook up, but creator Robert Kirkman recently indicated there’s a good chance Daryl might play for the other team! No, no, he’s not a zombie… he might be gay!

Best Parody: There are a whole lotta folks mocking SHARKNADO out there, but SHARKLUMBO (part shark, part Columbo) from Funny Or Die may take the prize.

Most Horrific Rationalization: “Look at it like this, Bill,” said MURDER IN THE FIRST’s Erich Blunt (aka Harry Potter’s Tom Felton) in explaining why he killed his ex-lover and their unborn child. “Two-thirds of all human conceptions are spontaneously aborted by nature. Ten million women die every year in childbirth. I just nudged Cindy towards those probable outcomes!”

Most Math Challenged: BACHELOR IN PARADISE’s Elyse declared, “I am 100 percent in with Dylan,” the morning after a heavy make-out session with Chris.

Proof That Romance Isn’t Dead: OUTLANDER, the time-traveling swoonfest from Starz, got great numbers for the outlet and earned itself a second season.

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