The Show Whisperer: Unsolicited Advice to the Showrunners of ARROW, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, THE ORIGINALS and REIGN

reign cast

Have you ever thought that you could improve your favorite shows with your awesome ideas for storylines?  Well, I not only think that, I know that my ideas would make for some darn good TV.  I have even dubbed myself “The Show Whisperer” (patent pending…).  Since no one involved with any of my shows will listen to my ideas (currently, that is), you get that luxury fellow TV Addicts.

The only thing I would like the show to do in season two is more of Queen Catherine.  Megan Follow just kills it as this character and I could watch her scheme to kill everyone at French Court for a lifetime.  I badly want many scenes where Catherine teaches Mary how to be Queen.  As for storylines, I just hope the writers learned from the mistakes of season 1, the biggest being “The Darkness.”  This plot was just not interesting especially compared the juicy nonsense going on at Court.  Season 2 should focus on Court and if they wanted to put even more goodness in the show, give Catherine a love interest!

The two biggest problems that Arrow has are the characters of Laurel and Roy.  The writers need to develop an actual storyline for Laurel.  If she isn’t going to be the love interest for Oliver then they need to find a new place for her.  The alcoholic storyline just didn’t work because it felt out of place from everything and everyone else.  Hopefully, with the passing of the “jacket” from Sara to Laurel, some new plots will come Laurel’s way.  I have said ever since they introduced Roy that his character is useless.  Either the development of his character is a very slow burn or the writers have no idea what to do with him.  Well, my suggestions is to write off the character!  Please!

The things that would make next season work are rather simple. The first is KILL OFF BONNIE!!!  I mean honestly, she is completely pointless at this point.  I’m sure Kat Graham is a wonderful person but for all that is holy, get her off this show.  If they want to make it dramatic, then have Elena choose between bringing back Damon or Bonnie from wherever they are and have Elena pick Damon.  I also fear that the show’s cast is getting too big.  They have added two more series regulars and many recurring/guest stars.  Matt and Jeremy before all these cast additions had nothing to do and it is definitely not looking good for them now.

The first thing The Originals needs to work on is not making Cami the new Matt Donovan.  This means that she needs an actual storyline that isn’t based around her being human.  I, honestly, hope they make her a vampire at some point.  Also, please Plec and company, stop the relationship between Cami and Marcel, it’s just not working.  I have more chemistry with my television remote than those two do.  When compared to the Klaus and Cami chemistry, Marcel and Cami are closer to brother and sister.  And that is another thing The Originals should do, get Klaus and Cami together.  If they want fans to stop whining about a Caroline crossover, then give Klaus a suitable replacement and Cami is it.

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