The Show Whisperer: More Unsolicited Advice For the Showrunners of GREY’S ANATOMY, GLEE, THE BLACKLIST & More!

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Have you ever thought that you could improve your favorite shows with your awesome ideas for storylines?  Well, I not only think that, I know that my ideas would make for some darn good TV.  I have even dubbed myself “The Show Whisperer” (patent pending…).  Since no one involved with any of my shows will listen to my ideas (currently, that is), you get that luxury fellow TV Addicts.

THE BLACKLIST: The first thing to do is get rid of Tom; have Red torture or kill him quickly into season 2. At this point he adds nothing to the show and he will never make a compelling “big bad.” As much as I enjoyed the Berlin storyline last season, I do hope that it is resolved in a reasonable time frame and a new overarching storyline can begin. One last thing, I feel that an inevitable relationship between Liz and Ressler is on the horizon (and I so cannot wait for Red’s interactions with Ressler after it begins), I do hope the writers allow it to be a slow development.

LAW & ORDER: SVU: It’s hard to “fix” SVU because they rarely have continuing storylines but I hope this season they work on the character development of Amaro because currently it’s no good. He always seems quick to not believe the victims and no one really calls him on it. I think the show is still missing “the male” presence from when Stabler left; I’m hopeful the new male cast member will fill this void.

CHICAGO FIRE: The first thing that Chicago Fire needs to do, as well as Chicago PD, is break-up Severride and Lindsay. It was a nice thought trying to do a relationship across two shows but their are too many consistency issues, that it should just be scraped. Season 3 also needs to be the season Shay. Please give Lauren German a legitimate storyline this season, she deserves at least that.

CHICAGO PD: As stated above, end the Severride/Lindsay relationship ASAP. Also, I’m happy to hear that they are diving into Lindsay’s backstory because she is definitely the most compelling character on the show (and I’m not just saying that because Sophia Bush is awesome).

GREY’S ANATOMY: If I could change one thing, write off Owen. He was beginning to be pointless seasons ago and now with no Christina, he has no place. Give him a suitable wife, let him find out she’s pregnant and move him somewhere else or have him get back into the Army to find himself, just anything that will take him away from Seattle. This would allow the writers to focus on characters that are actually interesting.

THE GOOD WIFE: Honestly, there is nothing I could say that would make this show any better because it’s already the best.

ELEMENTARY: While having Joan with Sherlock’s brother last season caused some great storylines, Lucy Liu and Rhys Ifans had zero chemistry so I would like Joan to have a believable love interest (here’s hoping Joan has chemistry with her new boyfriend). I would like Sherlock to have a case that he can’t solve right away. Have that bad guy be the focus for a couple of episodes or even the back half of the season. Lastly, if scheduling works, bring back Natalie Dormer as Moriarty in some capacity (maybe to help with the aforementioned bad guy).

THE BIG BANG THEORY: I have enjoyed the development in Sheldon, especially when it comes to his relationship with Amy, but please let Amy give him an ultimatum soon. She deserves more then what Sheldon is giving her and there has been no explanation as to why Amy would stay with Sheldon when she wants so much more than what he is capable of at this point.

THE MINDY PROJECT: Don’t break up Mindy and Danny (at least not until the end of the season)! Mindy Project still feels like it’s figuring out how to fit in all their supporting characters and my suggestion to fix that is shrink the cast or stop having guest stars every episode. The writing is so on point for the Mindy/Danny relationship and the Mindy/Peter friendship but for everything else it seems chaotic. I hope the writers are able to get a better vision because right now the show could survive with just Peter, Mindy, Danny and guest stars.

GLEE: There is nothing to say or imagine that will fix Glee. It’s basically a lost cause and I just hope that this last season can be slightly better than season 5 (and with season 5 being horrible this should be capable).

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  • I don’t think they’ll mov Shamy (sheldon and amy) along any faster than what they have. At this point it is the main relationship they have to develop. I doubt that most people will care about Raj and Emily until they’ve put more backstory there.