Sound Off! Meet Fall’s 5 Most Anticipated New Shows


The new fall season is upon us TV Addicts, which means it’s time for our list of the Top 5 new fall shows were excited about:

Honestly, who isn’t excited about this show? Viola Davis and Shonda Rhimes together is a team that I will always put my money on to be a success. I could watch Davis just say “How to get away with murder,” like she does in the promo for 44 minutes alone so it can be assumed that I will also love her saying different dialogue. While I think that this show has the highest expectations (with Gotham as a close second..?) I have no doubt that it will rise to the challenge and be the first new fall show to get the full season pick-up/second season order.

The reason I’m excited about The Flash is that it feels like Barry Allen is going to have a little more of an upbeat attitude/personality than Oliver McQueen does on Arrow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Arrow but sometimes Oliver can be too stoic and serious and I’m looking forward to a superhero that is having a good time while being a superhero. I also don’t know much about the Flash (you know, other than having the ability to run really fast) so I’m interested how they use his abilities to fight the good fight.

Katherine Heigl may have a not-so-good reputation but the woman can act. She was part of the glory days of Grey’s Anatomy and sometimes the best part about that show. I’m excited to see what Heigl can do now and the promo looks pretty good. Plus, this show has Alfre Woodard, who is just awesome and can do no wrong.

It’s about time CBS give The Good Wife a suitable night mate. Sunday night on CBS is turning into a pretty female lead dominated night and I have no problem with that. Plus the cast is not too shabby at all; I was already 60% sold on this show then I saw that the cast includes Marin Hinkle, Tim Daly and Bebe Neuwirth making me a solid 100% to turn in on Sundays.

Everyone needs a show where they have the potential to get a good cry out every week and since I’m not caught up on Parenthood to watch the new season, Red Band Society is it for me. Also, I hear from other critics that it’s awesome and we will all fall in love with the kids of the Red Band Society.

Honorable Mentions:
A TO Z: I’m very much looking forward to seeing Cristin Milioti get to display her talent and get an appropriate amount of screen. (She deserved so much more from How I Met Your Mother)
JANE THE VIRGIN: I fear this show won’t make it but the trailer looks promising. I hope it at least gets a full season.

Sound off below about my picks and what new shows you’re most excited about this fall.

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