GREY’S ANATOMY Recap: “I Must Have Lost It on the Wind”

grey's anatomy meredith

There is one way I know fall is here. It’s not the leaves changing or the air getting colder, it’s hearing Dr. Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) voice talking while we pan over a Seattle skyline. For more than a decade that’s the voice we’ve waited for to let us know it’s time. Time to get on the roller coaster that is Shondaland and strap in for the bumpy ride that this GREY’S ANATOMY season will be.

The eleventh season kicked off with Meredith narrating a flashback featuring her mother and a much younger toddler Meredith, anatomy Jane doll in hand. Cut to present day and Meredith is in bed with Alex (Justin Chambers). Looks like he’s the new Cristina. (Sandra Oh) Speaking of Dr. Yang, can we talk about the “page Dr. Yang” line because that’s way too soon and completely not okay.

Did I mention GEENA DAVIS? No? Her part in the premiere was short for the most part but it didn’t matter, she was still flawless. It seems that her and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) might be working together in the future. She seems a bit tough on Arizona but I can see them working well together.

Another new doctor we haven’t seen much of is Dr. Pierce. I can see people liking her…eventually. She’s likeable which tends to be a popular quality in Meredith’s surprise half sisters. I say “eventually” because for the most part people tend to side with Meredith and if she’s not a fan of Pierce’s then I’m not on board with her either.

It was no surprise Meredith and Dr. Pierce argued and didn’t hit it off. I’m sure once Meredith learns the truth she will want to at least get to know her better and give her a chance. With the way this episode ended I don’t see Dr. Pierce telling her anytime soon.

The episode ended with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) ultimately deciding not to take the job in D.C. instead stay in Seattle with his family. This does not surprise me; it would have been very uncomfortable as a viewer to go back and forth from Seattle to D.C. just for Derek’s storyline. If they didn’t want to continue his storyline while he was away it would have been an unnecessary absence. Ultimately I think they made the right choice with making him stay and Grey Sloan Memorial.

Overall this was a solid return to one of my favorite fall shows. This season will definitely focus more on Meredith as well as Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona’s relationship. I trust Shonda (Rhimes) and her writers and truly believe this will be one of the best seasons yet.

P.S. I really miss Cristina.

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