BONES Recap: Our Top 5 Moments From the Show’s Tragic Tenth Season Premiere!


When last we left our dynamic duo, they were in dire straits. Booth was groggy in the hospital and accused of killing officers who came to his house merely to serve him a warrant, as Brennan was dragged away to be questioned.

There’s a possible conspiracy at the FBI. Someone is blackmailing judges and politicians, and the whole joint is corrupt.

It’s now three months later, and it appears nothing came of Brennan’s questioning, since she’s back at work. The good news is, he’s no longer in the hospital. The bad news is, he’s in prison. In general population. Let me break it down for you with a top five!

Check out the new Booth/Brennan digs. It’s even more beautiful with a lot more windows and light. Brennan assures Booth she used a lot of his money.

bb house

Poor Booth. He’s now labeled a cop killer, so the guards cut off his phone call time, literally, by hanging up the phone for him as he talks to Brennan.

booth prison

Right off the bat, Booth and a prisoner have a violent confrontation in which Booth seems to take out all of his months of aggravation and pain, on this guy’s face. Brennan comes to visit Booth and tells him Brady, the prosecutor who put Booth in prison, is on the chip, and they have info they can use against him, but Booth insists they should let the bad guys think they won. Brennan doesn’t listen and totally blackmails Brady.


The charges are dropped, and Booth goes free. He’s pissed when he finds out what Brennan did but caves when she points out he would have done the same thing for her.

booth relenting

He’s also pleased to also find out she has an encrypted laptop with all of the stuff from Foster.

The COTW (cadaver of the week) case is not a fresh one. It’s sixteen years old. It was a case found on, well, Foster’s nipple ring. You remember Foster, right? He was the conspiracy blogger who exploded in his trailer right before he was going to give Booth a bunch of info about the McNamaras and how corrupt the FBI is. Anyway, thanks to Clark, we find out the cadaver’s name is Howard Cooper. A good portion of the chip was devoted to this guy, how he rose up through the EPA (given promotions he didn’t deserve) and died of leukemia. He could be the point of origin behind the whole conspiracy. Of course, Cooper didn’t die of leukemia. And twenty-one years ago he got into a car accident but claimed he fell down a flight of stairs. The guy who treated Cooper was blackmailed to fudge the report, so the blackmailers could hold a hit and run over Cooper’s head to make him do what they wanted. Eventually, Cooper’s bones gets taken away when the bad guys find a family member to say his body is being defiled. But of course, conspiracy-theorist Hodgins had been carefully replacing the bones and freezing them. They find out Cooper was injected with an antacid that wasn’t approved by the FDA and rendered his chemo lethal. It was developed by Sanderson chemical.

Cooper died a day after he denied a permit to Sanderson Chemical to build a new plant. Booth wants to go in and question Sanderson, but he’s still regarded as a cop killer and is persona non grata at the FBI. Booth wants Sweets to write him a “shrinky letter” so he can go back to work, but Sweets is concerned that Booth sounds like he’s out for vengeance, not justice. Booth is going to investigate with or without permission, and Sweets agrees to go along with Booth, who immediately runs and intimidates Sanderson. Then Sanderson intimidates Booth right back by telling him he’s good friends with Booth’s boss. While at Sanderson Chemical, Booth encounters FBI Agent Aubrey (a dead-ringer for Sweets), who is following him.


DD Stark put Aubrey on his tail, so Booth goes back to the FBI to demand his gun and his badge and to get “the kid” to stop babysitting him. Sweets takes a more tactical approach, and it works, but Sweets is responsible for Booth. Later, Aubrey goes to Booth and tells him he found out Sanderson had a connection to the blackmailing of the doc, told Stark, and got pulled off the case.

OH NO! SWEETS DIES! He got beaten up when he went to deliver a “Cinderalla” search warrant on Sanderson Chemicals to get their files.


Not only that, but they snatched the search warrant. I know many people were not Sweets fans, but I love him. Booth and Brennan are devastated.

bb devastated

It explains why they had a Sweets-Daisy reunion with her being pregnant with his baby (Carla Gallo is really pregnant, so it fit right in).

daisy preggers

It also explains why she said Booth was the godfather, and why they brought in Aubrey, the Sweets lookalike, who immediately is a huge Booth fan and goes to bat for him by getting booth information, despite that continuing his investigation would threaten his job. They were gearing him up to be a regular. Daisy insists on helping the team, so they immediately get to work to do an autopsy and figure out who killed Sweets.



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  • Chad Smith

    Sweets wasn’t shot. He was basically beaten to death and bled out after suffering major internal trauma. But he wasn’t shot.

  • Barbara West

    And that isn’t the same house. Brennan found them a new one.

  • Elizabeth Ann Ellerbe

    There’s not a single place where they said Sweets was shot. They only said that he was beaten to death.