Funny Business: Rita Volk Talks Tonight’s Episode of MTV’s FAKING IT

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Last week drama filled the halls of Hester High, from Karma (Katie Stevens), Lauren, and Amy’s crazy game of truth or dare, to Liam (Gregg Sulkin) and Shane (Michael J. Willett) fighting about Theo. (Keith Powers) I chatted with FAKING IT star, Rita Volk about tonight’s episode, Lauren and Amy’s relationship, and the possibility of Karma developing feelings for Amy.

We saw in the preview for next week that Liam may try to be with someone else. Do you think he will be able to get over Karma so quickly?
Rita Volk: I don’t think he will be able to. He cares for Karma deeply. Shane is on the sidelines telling Liam to get over it, but I sympathize with Liam because this is the first girl he’s cared about. He’s very much torn over her.

Do you think Karma is giving Amy enough space? It seems like Amy could use some time just for her.
In a perfect world Amy would be on an island contemplating her life by herself. She needs that right now. But she has all these people around her like Shane and Karma who want different things for her. Karma is stifling her a bit. Pushing potential girlfriends on Amy just makes everything harder and more awkward. But Karma just wants Amy to be happy, so it’s coming from a good place.

Liam and Shane are going through a rough time right now, do you think they will work things out?
I think so. They have such a great relationship and care for each other. They are each other’s voice of reason in a lot of situations, so I think they’ll work things out.

Amy and Lauren are slowly building a relationship. Do you see them becoming closer as the season progresses? Do you think Lauren can learn to accept Amy and support her in the future?
I do see them getting closer. They both have very personal, painful secrets that put them in that stigma category of society. They’ll bond over being what society deems as “not normal”. They’re living under the same roof too, so they have to eventually ease up on each other. I think Lauren will have to accept Amy because Lauren wants that same acceptance from other people. She knows how hard it is.

The fans of the show have been sending a lot of questions for you and one question that came up a lot was about Karma’s sexuality. Do you think Karma could ever develop feelings for Amy somewhere down the line?
At this point, I don’t know. I think anything is possible, but I think it would be unrealistic to introduce that idea any time soon. Karma is very much still hung up on Liam, and it wouldn’t be right to introduce new feelings for Karma just because that’s what Amy wants. It’s not a perfect world sometimes and we don’t always get what we want. The most real thing for the story right now is to show this unreciprocated love. But I do think there are always possibilities down the line. Never say never!

What’s your favorite moment from this week’s episode?
The ending of it! It’s so sad and bittersweet at the same time. But I can’t say what it is!

What else can you tell us about this week’s episode?
It’s going to be a fun one. We definitely have a lot more Brazilian fans now, which is awesome. And we got to ride a Ferris wheel, which Katie was deathly afraid of. I was making fun of her the whole time, swaying the thing on purpose, it was great!

You can watch Rita on FAKING IT tonight at 10:30 on MTV.

Photo Credit: Wes Klain

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