We React to THE ORIGINALS Season Two Premiere!

the originals season 2

THE ORIGINALS premiered last night with a pretty action packed episode. The episode began by telling us what the characters have been up to since we left them. Klaus has been holed up in the Mickaelson’s home at Elijah’s insistence while Elijah looks for the wearers of the 12 moonlight rings. Hayley has taken to the woods and rarely comes “home.” And Marcel is still living in the outskirts of town and sleeping with Cami (gross). Francesca Guerrera is in charge of the quarter and the werewolves who spend their days ridding the city of vampires.

The most important development is that Esther is still in the body of a teenage witch. Finn is also in the body of male witch, who also is pretending to be Cami’s advisor for reasons unknown as of right now. The biggest shocker of the night though, came with the reveal the Kol is also inhabiting the body of a human!

Let’s do a quick rundown of other events and my thoughts/reactions:

• Davina is still holding Mikael captive and no one knows that she is in possession on the white oak stake
• Why is everyone keeping their eye on Cami? First Francesca has her followed then Esther has Finn infiltrate her life…
• Klaus and Cami have more chemistry in a scene where they don’t speak or look at each other than Marcel and Cami do in a scene where they are in bed together
• Marcel is in the process of building up his vampire army again with Josh as his right hand man!
• How awesome was that battle scene?!?! Also, it was refreshing to not have Klaus in the fight and just let Elijah and Hayley kick ass.
• It took about 5 minutes for the first shirtless scene. Well done writers room.
• Why can’t Elijah and Hayley just be happy together?

Final note: I love how this show can completely eliminate the main enemy from the end of last season (The Guerrera pack and the moonlight rings) in the premiere because there is so much other crazy stuff happening. How many other shows would have dragged on the Guerrera storyline for about 4 to 5 episodes? Well, not THE ORIGINALS, they have more to deal with such as a the Mikaelson family reunion I can’t wait for!

Sound off below and let us know your thoughts.

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