Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with GRACEPOINT Star Alisen Down


GRACEPOINT deals with the homicide of Danny Solano (Nikolas Filipovic) a teenage boy from the small coastal town of Gracepoint, California.  Detective Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) and Emmett Carver (David Tennant) search for answers in a town that’s full of secrets, the homicide ignites a firestorm in the media and creates the biggest tragedy this small town has ever seen.
The Chris Chibnall show is heavily influenced by BROADCHURCH, the British version that premiered in 2013 also featuring Tennant.  The shows have some similarities but are said to have different outcomes.
Alisen Down plays Kathy Eaton on the riveting new series.  I spoke with Down about her character, Ellie and Emmett’s relationship, and what about Kathy stood out to her.

The show is based off of the British show BROADCHURCH.  Were you a fan of the show before you were cast in GRACEPOINT? 
Alisen Down: I actually had never heard of BROADCHURCH before I auditioned. I read as much as I could before I auditioned but did not see the show until after I was cast. Even just reading about it, I knew BROADCHURCH was an exceptional show.
What can you tell us about your character Kathy Eaton? 
I am a big fan of Kathy’s! She is strong, kind, extremely smart, a moralistic reporter who, despite journalistic integrity, is not afraid to tell the truth. She’s savvy and in many ways the “voice” of GRACEPOINT as the editor of the local newspaper. She’s one of my favorite characters.
What drew you to your character?  What about Kathy stood out to you?
I was immediately drawn to Kathy – a quiet strength, many surprises about her abilities as a journalist, her lack of embarrassment about who she is as a person, her kind heart, her sense of humor. I wish more people were like Kathy.
How do Emmett and Ellie work together? How does their relationship change as the show progresses?
Emmett and Ellie have a very complex relationship. They grow together as the show goes on. I can’t comment a lot on this, as it is unique to them but it will be a very interesting relationship for the viewers to watch. 
Which character would you like to learn more about as the season progresses?
Hee hee…Kathy…
You can watch Alisen in GRACEPOINT tonight at 9:00EST on FOX (Global in Canada)

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