Funny Business: Rita Volk Previews Tonight’s Episode of MTV’s FAKING IT

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Things seem to finally be getting back to normal for Karma and Amy that is if Shane can keep a secret. Last week Shane found out about Amy and Liam’s big secret. It’s only a matter of time before their enormous secret makes its way throughout the school and eventually Karma finding out. Hopefully we’ll see more of that unravel tonight.

I caught up with Rita Volk; one of the stars of MTV’s hit FAKING IT to talk about this week’s episode. We talked Liam’s family, drama auditions, and Laverne Cox. You don’t want to miss tonight’s episode!

Liam told Shane about sleeping with Amy. Is he going send out an alert to Hester High or do you think he can keep it a secret?
Rita Volk: Something of this gravity, he has to keep to himself. He realizes what the stakes are and that everyone is going to lose out in this situation.

Are we going to get to meet Liam’s family soon? In the preview it seems as though Amy is headed to his house.
Yes! That’s exactly where she’s going. Hilarity ensues. But we also are going to see a very dark side to Liam and his family. When I read this episode I had so much sympathy for this guy. Like, wow, there’s some seriously messed up stuff going on in your family.

Can you tell us about these drama auditions coming to Hester High?
Bailey, Katie, and Michael are hilarious in these auditions. Laverne Cox, who plays the drama teacher, is this very demanding, commanding and pretty rough critic. She’s almost scary, really. She wants the students to reach their most inner artistic potential, but none of them have any idea what that means so they’re trying really, really hard to impress her. There’s a dance bit in there that I laughed out loud to. I wasn’t on set that day, so seeing it in finished form, it was too funny. I’m still bitter I didn’t have scenes with Laverne. I’m trying to get her to come back as Amy’s documentary directing partner. Its gonna happen.

Do you think we will see more of Karma worrying about herself in the near future? It seems as though she is only focused on Amy finding someone right now.
Yea, she absolutely will. The last episode was kind of the calm before the storm.

What’s your favorite scene from this week’s episode?
My scene at the house with Liam was one of my favorites to shoot from the whole season. We filmed it in this beautiful house on Venice beach. The guy who lives there built it himself, he’s an architect, so its really cool looking. It was the perfect setting for what I would imagine Liam’s family to be in. My favorite part though was our “fight” where I slap him in the face and throw a glass of champagne at him. We had to get the slap just right, and the first take we did I actually slapped him in the face for real. I thought it would look cooler that way. They didn’t think so…. That Gregg Sulkin, he’s a trooper.

What can you tell us about this week’s episode?
Laverne (Cox) is on it, there’s ridiculous dancing and awesome singing from Bailey, Michael, and Katie, Amy’s wearing a dress (a rarity) and making a fool of herself (not so rare). And, we learn about Liam’s family. It’s one of my favorite episodes; I really think the fans are going to love this one.

You can watch Rita tonight at 10:30 in FAKING IT on MTV and you can follow Rita on twitter at @therealritavolk

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