THE ORIGINALS Recap: “Alive and Kicking”

the originals

This season of THE ORIGINALS is starting off just great. Last’s night episode continued to build off the electric season opener. Not only were we gifted with flashbacks the included the real Kol but again THE ORIGINALS (or any show under the control of the My So-Called Company label) showed that it’s not afraid to deal with major plot points head first and quickly. This episode saw Klaus realize that his mother is inhabiting the body of the young witch that is creating moonlight rings for the werewolves and Elijah found out that Mikael is still alive!

While the Mikaelson children finding out that their parents are back was the big reveal of the episode, many other things happened as well. The flashbacks gave new fans (that may not have watched The Vampire Diaries) an understanding of the type of vampire Kol was and his relationship with his siblings. The flashbacks also displayed just how much Elijah will sacrifice for the cause of Klaus’ redemption. Elijah liked young Marcel and wanted to educate him on Shakespeare and classical music but he knew that Klaus was getting too jealous of the bond that Elijah and Marcel were forming that Elijah shoved Marcel away.

The most annoying part of the episode and the series as a whole is any story revolving around Davina. She honestly just gets in the way and is a huge brat. Davina is use to being this all powerful witch but after the Harvest she is just a normal witch with no coven or mentor to teach her how to manage her magic. I will be shocked and appalled if she actually figures out a way to “unlink” Marcel and Josh (who was so missed this episode). Every plan that Davina comes up with is an epic failure and she is ungrateful. Marcel and Elijah rescue her from Mikael, almost at the expense of Elijah’s life, and she gives them attitude and storms off.

Meanwhile, Marcel is still trying to recreate his vampire army and convince Elijah to join his team, Team Vampire. Hayley is team werewolf and attempting to regain the trust of her pack. Klaus is also team werewolf but he wants power over his pack, which are the wolves that have given their loyalty to teenage-Esther in exchange for moonlight rings.

Here is the rundown of my thoughts and comments for this episode:

• Daniel Sharman is perfect at playing Kol. Not only does he act just like him, they even kind of look alike
• I can’t wait to see the interactions between Elijah and Marcel as they try to rebuild their vampire team
• How great was the scene between Klaus and teenage-Esther?
• Also, how crazy is Esther?
• I love the relationship that Hayley and Klaus are forming since they are both Hybrids but Phoebe Tonkin needs to cover up her Australian accent better, it keeps slipping through.
• “Which of our parents do we kill first?” – best line on the episode
• Why didn’t Kol tell Esther about Mikael?

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