Grey’s Anatomy Review “Only Mama Knows”


“The carousel never stops turning” and neither do the twists on this season of GREY’S ANATOMY!

The fourth episode of the season opened with a video of Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) giving a speech. True to Ellis style, she was bragging about herself and how she wants to thank all of the men in her life.

Alex found out that the decision for the open seat on the board went to Bailey and that it was unanimous. He then spoke with Arizona and she told him it was because Bailey is better qualified for the job. (which she is)

Meredith finally took Cristina’s advice and told Derek that her dreams matter too, saying, “I’m done measuring my accomplishments against yours.” Throughout this episode Derek did some horrible things towards Meredith, even comparing her to her mother (huge no no) prompting Meredith to go against him with, “Now I have to live under the weight of your disappointment too.”

Derek met Maggie! As much of a jerk Derek has been lately this was a really sweet and adorable scene. “I love sisters, I have a bunch of them! Just don’t leave.” It was nice to see his whole mood change when he found out who she was. Derek always got along so great with Lexie, it’s no surprise he’s excited about Maggie.

The episode ends with a shot of the same video we saw in the opening. Ellis explains how she would like to thank all of the men in her life. She smiles and says that she’s kidding and that she would instead like to thank all of the female doctors to come after her.

Most awkward scene: Bailey assuming that Dr. Webber slept with Dr. Pierce, and that’s why she wants to leave. Come on Bailey!!! It’s his daughter.

Best Flashback: Little Meredith dialing 911. Little Meredith was put through so much as a child, having to call 911 for her mother because she cut her wrists must have been the hardest of all.

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