Morning Static: THE GOOD WIFE, HBO, BONES & More!


• Kalinda Is Leaving The Good Wife. It’s About Time, Really.
• Second Time’s the Charm? Rob Lowe To Star In NBC Father Comedy Project From Pete Huyck & Alex Gregory
• Must Read TV: All Your Questions About the Stand-alone HBO Go Answered.
• CBS launching stand-alone streaming service too: Will you pay to watch ads?
• Funny Business: Seth Rogen Will Play Paulie G. In “The Comeback”
• Mark Your Calendars: Neil Patrick Harris To Host Oscars.
• Analysis: Neil Patrick Harris Is the Right Choice for Oscars Host
• Bones Baby Scoop: Facts of Life Vet to Deliver Sweets and Daisy’s Son
• Houston We’ve Got a Problem: NBC Cancels Comedy ‘Mission Control’ Before Premiere
• In Q3 Netflix added two international subscribers for every new U.S. member, but price hike slowed growth
• Joss Whedon Week at Amazon: Save huge on his TV effots FIREFLY and DOLLHOUSE!
• The Great TV Addict Giveaway: Win a HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Fan’s Dream!

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