Funny Business: Jayma Mays Previews Season Two of THE MILLERS


The second season of the CBS family comedy THE MILLERS returns tonight (Thursday October 23 at 7:30PM on CTV in Canada) in big way.  Sean Hayes is joining the cast; and we can also expect some tension between Carol (Margo Martindale) and Nathan. (Will Arnett)  I caught up with one of the stars of the show, the adorable and talented Jayma Mays.  We talked about pitching ideas to the writers, what she’s watching on TV right now, and what we can look forward to in tonight’s premiere. 
How has your whole experience on THE MILLERS been?
It’s been really wonderful, I’m learning a lot it’s been a very different genre for me doing a live audience multi-cam sitcom.  I feel like I’m learning a new skill set, I feel like I’m learning from the best people we have a great show runner and creator Greg, (Garcia) obviously the cast is amazing, and our director James Burrows is incredible.
Did you take anything from your time at GLEE and apply it to this show? 
I guess so, it’s funny I do feel with sitcom it is kind of musical sometimes.  There is something very lyrical and musical about it, you’re setting up jokes and their beats, which is almost like reading music sometimes.  As an actor I think you take a little bit of what you’ve learned from every job you have and then you use that in your next job. 
Do you ever pitch storylines to the writers?  Any stories from your family growing up that you’d love to see on the show?
(Laughs) I definitely could, my family is incredibly insane and I have a kooky mother so I could definitely give them stories if they need.  We have a great writing staff on the show and they don’t need me to pitch anything.  There are times when does things on the show that my mom would do.  So I probably could but I have not. 
What was one of your favorite storylines from last season?
One of my favorite episodes was the Christmas episode and purely because that was so family driven.  It had grandparents coming into town and relationships and how we all get along and about my mom’s relationship with her mom and my relationship with my mom, and I love all of that stuff.  I feel like that’s so relatable and people can identify with those storylines.  Particularly Christmas people always get together inevitably someone’s going to irritate you and get on your nerves.  Those are the ones that are always my favorite.
Are there any storylines this season you’re really excited about?
Sean Hayes has joined the cast for the second season, which is really exciting news for us and the fans.  He is just incredible, he brings a brighter element of fun to the show and he’s so great to work with, he’s just as wonderful on camera as he is off camera.  He joins the cast as Margo’s fun new friend and they are wonderful together.  He’s also playing the nemesis to Will’s character on the show.  He’s a wonderful addition and we’re really lucky to have him.
Do you think we’ll get to see Tom (Beau Bridges) dating anyone this season?
(Laughs) I don’t know they’ve been toying around with some ideas.  I think they’re exploring that a little bit more but it’s so funny; I totally think they should be doing more of that.  Who doesn’t want to go on a date with Tom?
Do you see Carol dating anyone this season?
They played around with that some in the first season.  You don’t root for them to be together but to throw another spouse or boyfriend and girlfriend in the mix with them, I don’t know.   I ultimately think what would that do to their children on the show?  They might explore that too.
What can you tell us about tonight’s episode?
We’re introducing Sean Hayes to the cast, possibly our mom is moving out of Nathan’s house, he’s wanting her to move out.  That’s a big part in the first episode of the season, will she move out or won’t she.  I think Nathan’s ready for it. 
If you could put Debbie on any other show on TV right now what would it be?
It’s just gone off the air but she’s so bad sometimes, so maybe BREAKING BAD.  She could be on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK because we’re learning how she was a little bit of a thief growing up; she’s always talking about her shoplifting days.  Anything slightly naughty I think she could work her way into.
What shows on TV do you love right now?
This summer my husband (Adam Campbell) and I caught up completely with all of the episodes of GAME OF THRONES in two weeks.  We watched forty episodes, that’s forty hours of binge watching that’s been our big show of the summer.
That show is a lot to take in. 
It’s a lot to take in!  It took me a whole season just to figure out who everyone was I still get confused.  That’s probably been our show of the summer.
Would your husband ever guest on THE MILLERS?
That’s a fun idea.  I would hope he would say yes!  It would be weird having my husband on the show and my real husband on the show, and they’re both named Adam so that would get very confusing. 
You can watch Jayma on the premiere of THE MILLERS tonight at 8:30 on CBS. (Thursday October 23 at 7:30PM on CTV in Canada)

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