REVENGE Recap: The Curious Case of David Clarke


Emily Thorne’s journey has already jumped one too many sharks, but that doesn’t mean that “Revenge” can’t course-correct what little it still has going for it this fall.

In Sunday’s “Meteor,” David Clarke was reintroduced to the world, but not formally reintroduced to his daughter.

Victoria got to him first, and Emily is just not having it.

Emily’s father may have been framed by Conrad all those years ago, but what has come of him since faking his death is anybody’s guess. Mr. Clarke set himself up to be caught, which included scarring his own back with a rusty chain. His intentions are unclear, but one thing’s for sure: he cannot be trusted before we learn more about his years in hiding. Only then can we know if the relationship with the daughter he presumed was dead is still salvageable.

“Revenge” is walking a very thin line. Under the helm of previous showrunner, Mike Kelley, the show managed to quickly destroy any chance of getting to know Emily’s mother by making her an unlikeable, irredeemable nut-bag. The show would be wise to steer clear of establishing David as Conrad 2.0.

Jack’s in as much need as Emily to know whether or not her father is still a good man. He’s lost more than just about anyone, including, but not limited to, his father, his wife, his brother and his livelihood. For David to come out of all of this relatively unscathed, Emily’s mission will have still been for something, albeit indirectly.

Unfortunately, if David’s mysterious persona is unraveled too soon, “Revenge” will have run its course. For now, Emily has newfound reasons to loathe the once mighty queen bee of South Hampton — necessary contrivances to keep the show from sinking even further than the Amanda.

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