THE ORIGINALS Recap: “Every Mother’s Son”

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The third episode of THE ORIGINALS gave us insight into who Esther, the Mikaelson matriarch, is and gave a recap to any non-The Vampire Diaries watchers at the origin of the hatred between the Mikaelson family. When it came to Esther, I think the consensus is that the woman is pretty damn crazy. It’s believable that she loves her children (the flashbacks proved that) but she doesn’t know how to love in the right way. She shows love by breaking her children down or manipulating them into accepting her love.

Let’s get into all the craziness that happened.

Before we get to one of the greatest TV family dinner parties, we need to discuss what happened before most of the Mikaelsons got together. The first of which was the invitation that Esther sent which included 3 live birds. Anyone else noticed that she forced this dinner party that Elijah and Klaus don’t want to be at their home..? The birds were of importance because when Klaus was a young boy, Esther gave him a necklace with a bird on it that she told him was for his protection and that he should never remove (more on this later).

Meanwhile, Marcel is still trying to get Elijah on team vampire by having him mentor new vampire Gia. Elijah takes Gia with him when he goes to see the witch that is making daylight rings for Marcel. The witch in question is Lenore, who is just fantastic. Elijah wants her to cast a spell so that they will know the next body Esther inhabits. Lenore says yes after Elijah promises help lower taxes on small business (politics are even important for the supernatural). As soon as Elijah leaves, Vincent enters and kidnaps Lenore to figure out why Elijah was meeting with her.

The dining party is moments away when Elijah, Klaus and Hayley find out from Jackson (who is playing double agent within Esther’s werewolves) that Lenore has been taken. Hayley heads out to rescue Lenore while Klaus and Elijah put on their best suits. Vincent is first to appear and reveals himself as Finn (the eldest Mikaelson sibling). The three boys bicker for some time before Esther shows up. She tries to explain how much she loves her children but Klaus realizes that the necklace she gave him as a child had the power to weaken, to suppress his werewolf gene. Klaus is obviously furious saying that Esther created the weakling that Mikael saw in Klaus and call her the author of everything that he is. To Esther this is the perfect time to switch bodies. Who does she inhabit?

Well, that would be Lenore! The dinner party was always about Hayley so she jumps to the witch that Hayley is currently with. Esther offers Hayley a chance to start over by unbecoming a hybrid which would allow her to have more children. Elijah and Klaus show up and Esther promises to unmake them vampires as well. To be exact at the end of the episode Esther says that by the time she is done destroying everything her children love, they will beg her to end their misery. She is sounding more and more like mother of the year, don’t you think?

Here’s the rundown:

• I love that even during all that is going on Hayley has time to be mad at Elijah for ignoring her: “No, you don’t get to ignore me for days and suddenly act like you’re considered, Elijah.” I like sassy Hayley
• Finn has a very creepy infatuation with his mother and some deep resentment for Elijah
• I really liked Lenore, why must THE ORIGINALS writers take away everything good?
• The lack of Kalab as Kol was felt
• Where would Klaus be with Elijah and his words of wisdom and support?
• I really wish Rebecca had made an appearance at the family dinner
• Best Line of the Episode: “Because if someone would had done the same thing for myself and my siblings, I’m quite certain history would have unfolded differently.” Elijah’s response when Gia asked why he is going to help her
• I found myself starting to think that Esther was a caring mother but then she reminded me just how super crazy she is.

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