ONCE UPON A TIME Opinion: “The Charmings” Are Two of the Best Parents on Television


After watching Sunday’s episode of ONCE UPON A TIME, I found myself asking the question: Are Snow White and Prince Charming (David) the best parents on television? If you think not, can there be an argument to the statement that they are the most adorable parents on television?

I’ve always thought the dynamic between Emma and her parents was one of the best things about this show. It’s such an interesting relationship and one that I haven’t seen before. Sure, there have been shows that have reunited parents and children after years apart but when they were reunited were the parents and child the same age..? I think not.

It’s a thin line Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas have to walk to come off as parental and not romantic/friendly. There is normally some established age difference between a parent and child that this is not questioned but when the characters are the same age, a romantic vibe can sneak in. Goodwin and Dallas handle this perfectly and I have never felt that there was anything more than parent love and I think it shows how talented Dallas and Goodwin are as actors. When Snow and David remembered they were parents to Emma, there was no turning back for them, they instantly switched from friends to parents and that shift was completely felt.

What sets the Charmings apart is the struggle they went through during seasons 2 and 3. Their struggle may not have ever been the main story or plot but it was always there. They wanted so bad to be there for Emma but all of them needed healing from what transpired when Emma was born (you know, having to immediately give her away and not see her again until she was the same age as them). One of my favorite moments in all of OUAT history is when Emma and Snow are in what was to be Emma’s nursery (Season 2) and Emma for the first time opens up about being upset at her parents for leaving her. What was truly heartbreaking during this scene was when Snow turned and imagined what that room could have and should have meant. It was to be a place of joy and love and instead is a reminder of what could have been and what everyone involved missed out on, being a family.

Snow and David aren’t afraid to admit their mistakes or openly regret the choices they made but they always believed it was best for Emma. The Charmings’ struggle is what proves to me that they are great parents. It’s not easy being a parent but the Charmings are willing to jump in portals that lead to who-knows-where, go up against bad guy after bad guy and put up with whatever drama Emma has that week, aren’t those pretty good examples of being a great parent? Plus this road of struggle that the Charming were one for 2 seasons allowed us to get where we are today. And where we are now, is that the Charmings are just the most adorable parents on television.

I mean, how great was it that Snow took a polaroid of Emma in her date outfit? Or, how great was David’s reaction to letting Emma go on the date with Hook? The also stayed up waiting for Emma so that they could talk about how her date went (although, David didn’t want to talk about everything). I can’t wait for all the other embarrassing acts the Charmings do to Emma. It’s important to note that without the honest struggle these parents and their child have gone through, theses moments wouldn’t be as good. If the show had immediately jumped to all these happy and cute moments between them, it would have fallen flat and seemed disingenuous. We all know the hard road our characters went through to get to this place where they can be a real family and it’s sweeter because of the time spent to get there.

I would be happy to have the Charmings as my parents and I think that are they are in the running to be the best parents on television. Sound off below to agree with me! I guess you could also give other examples of great TV parents or if you must, tell me I have this all wrong.

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