GREY’S ANATOMY Recap: “Bend and Break”


CALZONA!!! This episode was all about Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) working out their issues and attending couples therapy. They were ordered to spend thirty days apart. (Living under the same house but unable to acknowledge the other person) In the beginning of the episode Callie was all for the therapy sessions and was willing to do anything to save her marriage, while Arizona wasn’t as enthusiastic.

During the thirty days apart Callie reached out to Arizona and they had to restart the process over again. During their time apart Arizona found comfort in April (Sarah Drew) having her over for dinner and to help her practice for an upcoming surgery, while Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Callie got drunk and sort of split a burger.

A few shots of tequila in and Meredith starts questioning her sexuality, saying, “Do you think it’s possible that my one true love in life was a girl?” Meredith clearly meaning Cristina, Callie replied with “Do you get excited about her vagina?” Prompting Meredith to say “No.” Proving Crisitna and Mer will never be more than twisted sisters.

Callie and Arizona spend some more time apart until Callie seduces Arizona and the two get together. (Not surprising) This throws off Arizona’s focus and causes her to get nervous about her big surgery with Geena Davis’s Dr. Nicole Herman.

Arizona can’t reach Callie the night she is out with Meredith and panics and thinks something either happened to her or she is cheating on her. Causing Callie to get excited about the idea of Arizona being jealous and wanting her.

The episode ended with Arizona wanting to stay together and realizing just how much she loves Callie, and Callie not feeling the same way. Callie expresses how she felt free not having to worry about the stress of their relationship and the stress of trying to fix it. She didn’t want to work on their marriage anymore. Sorry Calzona fans but this might be the end to your favorite couple.

Best Line: “LGBTQ: There’s a B in there and it doesn’t mean badass, well it does” – Callie Torres

Best song: Meredith drunkenly singing about vaginas

Best New Doctor: Nicholas D’Agostino!!! Who doesn’t love him? Honestly he’s so great; I really hope he sticks around. Can he date Dr. Maggie Pierce? I full approve of that!

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