Scoop: Reggie Lee Previews Tonight’s Fourth Season Premiere of GRIMM


NBC’s thrilling fantasy drama GRIMM returns tonight and we pick up right where we left off last season. We will see what happens when Nick loses his grimm powers and what will happen at the not so joyous wedding. I caught up with GRIMM’s Sgt. Wu, Reggie Lee to talk about what he’s excited for the fans to see this season, the most surprising storyline, and what we can look forward to on tonight’s premiere.

We saw in the previews that Trubel tried to get Nick to drink something and that Adalind did something to him so he is no longer a grimm. How will we see that play out in the premiere?
Reggie Lee: Oh boy does Nick need Trubel right now. You will definitely see a Nick with a loss of his “Grimmness” and him having to rely on Trubel for assistance, which makes for a really interesting dynamic. I think Nick is so used to being a Grimm now but what life was like before all that comes into play and there are questions as to whether maybe that was a good thing. So a lot of conflicts ensue – thank god…otherwise, why have a show. Everyone is thrown for a loop when all this happens and it affects people pretty deeply.

What’s in store for Sgt. Wu this season? What’s a scene you’re really excited for the fans to see?
Well, it’s definitely the season that Wu starts to question all the weirdness going on. I mean, it is Portland but come on! The wheels start turning and the questions arise immediately and we come back right where we left off in Season 3 – with me, and the books…those damn books! I think each episode subsequently brings more questions that may, or may not, get to a point where there’s so much pressure that the lid may just blow. Whichever direction it goes, it bodes for an interesting and fun time for my character because of the questioning, the ambiguity, the fear, and the trying to get along with my job despite all that. And if I told you what scene I was most excited for the fans to see – even starting that sentence is giving away way too much! You’ll just have to wait.

What can you tell us about the season 4 premiere?
The Season 4 premiere begins exactly where we left off in Season 3 – the Captain at death’s door, Monrosalie’s wedding not so blissful, the rest of the gang in peril, Adalind leaving her evil deeds to weave their magic, and me on the bed wondering what those books are and why the creature looks so similar to what I saw previously. I think it’s safe to say that with lots of action, both physical and psychological, and some trademark Grimm humor, things unfold to present more issues and a really wonderful creature storyline to top it all off!

What’s one storyline that has really surprised you? Was there a scene or episode that when you read the script you couldn’t believe it?
What immediately comes to mind is the “Adalind turning herself into Juliette” moment. I have mad props for the creators and writers because they always come up with some story lines that are wonderfully unexpected but when I read that, I went, “wow…that is genius!!!!”

If you could drop Sgt. Wu into any other show on TV right now what would it be?
THE AMAZING RACE or DONUT SHOWDOWN on the Cooking Channel.

What is in store with Adalind’s baby? How will we see that unravel this season?
Adalind is not happy. She will do whatever it takes to get her baby back. I think the search will take her across the globe but I think the ramifications reach Portland pretty quickly. She’s never done that one so…fireworks?

You can watch Reggie tonight on the season premiere of GRIMM at 9:00 on NBC.

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