Biggest Irony: Even as Walt Disney World confirmed that the gigantic sorcerer’s hat at the center of Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be taken down in 2015, ONCE UPON A TIME made the hat (as well as the walking broomstick) from Fantasia central to their storyline.

Schemiest Team: As mother/daughter duo Nina and Madeline, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Michelle Stafford and Donna Mills turned in stunning performances as their alter egos went from combatants to reluctant co-conspirators, kicking off a storyline that promises to be one heck of a wild ride.

Most Overdue Breakup: After what felt like 20 years of bickering, GREYS ANATOMY’s Callie and Arizona finally went their separate ways.

Best Role Reversal: The final moments of Sunday’s THE GOOD WIFE illustrated just how far the titular character has come by having Peter take a supportive role to Alicia, perfectly mirroring the opening episode in which she stood by her scandal-plagued hubby.

Best Backhanded Compliment: THE WALKING DEAD’s Gareth told Bob, “You taste much better than we thought you would,” while chowing down on his leg!

Steamiest Kiss: Sure, it was fueled by a pheromone-spiked perfume, but THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Ashley and Stitch left us weak in the knees!

Most In Need Of A Publicist: Amid allegations that Mama June dated a child molester, TLC gave HONEY BOO BOO the axe. Mama June responded via a dimly-lit, poorly-worded “truth video” on Facebook.

Best Companion Piece: While spin-offs rarely seem like a good idea, it’s kind of brilliant for ABC to green light BEYOND THE TANK, which will track how things worked out for past SHARK TANK participants.

Most Hypocritical, Part I: In canceling HONEY BOO BOO, TLC insisted that “supporting the health and welfare” of the children, who became famous in part due to their horrifying diets, was their “only priority.”

Most Hypocritical, Part II: Kat Von D, who had no problem allowing her life to be filmed as part of the LA INK cast, went off on camera crews from a news crew covering the fire which destroyed her tattoo shop.

Least Recognizable: ABC is working on a TV version of the Tom Hanks flick BACHELOR PARTY. It’s said to focus on three couples… one newly married, one newly divorced and third just starting to date.” Which makes us wonder if anyone involved actually saw the movie BACHELOR PARTY.

Best Response: As a Florida mother’s petition resulted in Toys ‘R Us removing BREAKING BAD action figures from their shelves, that show’s star, Bryan Cranston, tweeted, “I’m so mad. I am burning my Florida mom action figure in protest.”

Show I Can’t Wait To Check Out: Fox’s in-the-works series RIVERDALE, based on the Archie comic books, is looking to TWIN PEAKS for inspiration.

The Try, Try Again Award Goes To… : SUPERNATURAL, which is going to mount another attempt at a backdoor pilot despite the failure of its first attempt. Meanwhile, don’t you just know Sam and Dean would make all kinds of dirty remarks about a “backdoor pilot?”

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