We Shine the Spotlight on SLEEPY HOLLOW and HOUSE OF CARDS Star Sakina Jaffrey

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Tonight big things are happening in SLEEPY HOLLOW! Sheriff Corbin’s son Joe is back and making waves. Abbie and Ichabod are not so trusting of him and are very hesitant to believe why he has returned.

I caught up with talented actress, Sakina Jaffrey who plays Sheriff Leena Reyes on the show, as well as plays Linda Vasquez on Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS. We talked about what it’s like playing women in powerful positions, learning more about Leena’s backstory on SLEEPY HOLLOW, and what we can look forward to in this week’s episode.

Your characters in SLEEPY HOLLOW and HOUSE OF CARDS are both women in powerful positions. Do you see any similarities between the two?
Oh absolutely! I heard recently that our EP/ Show runner (Mark Goffman) wanted me to play Leena after seeing me in HOUSE OF CARDS, probably because both are tough and smart and not intimidated by much. Underwood…Headless…it’s really a toss up which is one is scarier. I think the original description for both characters was no-nonsense. And the reason they have no time for shenanigans like, the Vice-President talking smack against them, or Revolutionary War-re-enactors traipsing around the precinct or mental patients with bags of guns, is because both of them have serious missions. Linda is there to protect the President and Leena to protect the inhabitants of SLEEPY HOLLOW. DC and SLEEPY HOLLOW are both in chaos. I also believe that L and L both have heart and a deep sense of integrity. They feel righteous in their missions.

How do you think Frank will change now that he is in the White House?
He won’t change because even once he has ascended the throne, I don’t think anything can change Underwood’s quest for power. It is an insidious disease that cannot be cured.

Will we be learning more about Leena’a backstory? What would you like to learn about her?
I hope so. The backstory that I was told by Albert Kim, a writer of my first episode was that Leena’s father was a corrections officer at Sing Sing who was close to his charges. But that that trust led to his demise.

I would love to learn more about her history with the sisters and their mother. Reyes made a decision as a young officer that had a profound impact on the lives of all of the Mills family. She did it to protect the children and I believe that has created a special bond between the three. One that Reyes perhaps is reluctant to admit.

So far her character seems to be unaware of SLEEPY HOLLOW’s supernatural element. Do you think she will come to recognize it soon?
Man, I HOPE so! Seems as if that’s where all the fun is!

What can you tell us about this week’s episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW?
It’s another awesome episode with Crane and his stalker of yore, the amazing, Laura Spencer.

What’s the scene you are most excited for the fans to see this season?
There’s one coming up of me and a SWAT team that is kinda badass and fun episode 207, I believe.

You can watch Sakina on SLEEPY HOLLOW tonight at 9:00 on FOX (Global in Canada)

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