THE ORIGINALS “Live and Let Die” Redux: The Official Start of Klaus and Cami!


A lot happened in last night’s The Originals and I would love to recap that for you, I really would, but alas I can’t because I can only think about the Klaus and Cami scenes. This episode was a huge step in the right direction for the Klaus/Cami relationship and it was about time. This show has been skating around one of its best and most interesting dynamics. Klaus and Cami are complicated but they also have chemistry pouring out of every ounce of their beings. So let’s get into all the epicness that was Klaus and Cami this episode.

It started with Cami admitting two things that I’ve thought since last season: her and Marcel are going nowhere (because she is probably just a rebound) and that Klaus is someone she cares about. While Cami didn’t technically admit that she cares about Klaus, she didn’t say that he has gotten under her skin. She also said this fantastic quote: “Under all that anger and mistrust, there’s goodness in him and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t pretend it wasn’t there.” The question of if there’s goodness in Klaus is pretty much the question that the entire show is based around but there is good in Klaus when it comes to Cami.

After Cami leaves her therapy session with her faculty advisor (which was super weird, but let’s move on) she just so happens to bump into Klaus. He overhears Cami on the phone with Davina, who he is searching for, but instead of running off to kill Mikael and Davina immediately, he gives Cami the opportunity to talk to Davina first. This is not normally a Klaus-like thing to do but he does it for Cami. Cami then takes a pit stop at a local bar and tells Klaus to talk to her because she knows that’s the real reason he didn’t immediately go to where Davina is; he wants someone to hear his side and that someone is Cami.

Watching Klaus drink and rant to Cami was just perfection and it got better when Cami basically told him to get over himself. He needs to know that there’s more to life then the pain that his parents make him feel, she tells him. Cami’s example of what could be more than the pain, dancing. And not the dancing where you let loose and have a good time, the slow dancing kind. If their slow dance wasn’t the most romantically charged dance ever then I’m not sure what is. I was screaming at my television for them to kiss which would have been their first kiss. Yes, all this sexual tension and chemistry hasn’t lead to a kiss yet … I can’t believe it either. Unfortunately, we will have to wait longer because Klaus left Cami hanging when she was practically begging him to kiss her.

Cami, of course, ran after him and got there after he already had “defeated” Mikael. Cami made Klaus promise to not hurt Davina, which he did without hesitating. Klaus has proven time and time again that he wants to please and protect Cami. Then the next best thing to a kiss happened. They hugged. A hug that all other hugs will revival.

Whew, what an episode for Cami and Klaus. I only hope that this episode has started the Klaus/Cami relationship train. Their chemistry and connection can be undenied and Klaus deserves some happiness.. right? We’ve never seen Klaus in a relationship and that would definitely be an interesting plot point.

I’m sure this relationship will be a very slow burn but if the writers can keep turning out episodes like this, I can handle the wait. And now, a very quick rundown of my thoughts about the other things that happened:

• Elijah mentioned Hayley being sassy, which I just happened to refer to my last recap!
• Josh is back! And has a love interest, color me intrigued
• The Mikael vs. Klaus fight was just the definition of awesome
• Best line of the episode: “As a devote feminist, I refuse to say you hit like a girl” – • Elijah to Gia after she attempted to hit him
• Esther you leave Elijah alone!
• Also, what does she mean when she says Elijah needs to be “purified?”

Sound off below and let me know your thoughts about this weeks episode.

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    Stopped at “So let’s get into all the epicness that was Klaus and Cami this episode” thats all

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    I love the relationship between klaus and Cami!!!