Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things You Need to Know about ABC’s ‘Spooktacular’ Comedies


ABC’s Wednesday night comedies are all new, featuring all of the tricks and treats you would expect from a ‘Spooktacular’-themed lineup. Here at The TV Addict, we’ve conjured up all you need to know before tuning in tonight.


THE MIDDLE is “hopelessly devoted” to being television’s best family comedy
If Brad’s electrifying costume isn’t enough, Brick shows interest in a girl, perhaps just not enough interest to spend an entire evening with her. Meanwhile, getting stuck in the school library gives Axl time to ponder his future. His portrayer, Charlie McDermott, does a superb job handling the more sincere moments opposite a statuesque someone or other — you’ll see!


THE GOLDBERGS care less about Halloween, and more about urban legends
After saving his sister from a lethal combination of Pop Rocks and Coca Cola, Barry leverages the Bushido code to score a date with Erica’s best friend Lainey (recurring guest star AJ Michalka). While that’s happening, an accidental fire forces Murray and Beverly to consider new living arrangements for Pops and his libido. Hilarity ensues.


On MODERN FAMILY, Jay does something different with his hair
He looks less like Prince Charming, and more like Rod Stewart, but it’ll do!

Deciding to get into the Halloween spirit, but refusing to dress as Shrek opposite Gloria’s Princess Fiona, Jay gets carried away with his costume, or rather, the wig that comes with his costume. Meanwhile, Phil’s HappyLand decorations are threatened by Clare’s competition with next door neighbors Ronnie (Steve Zahn, “Mind Games”) and Amber (Andrea Anders, “Better off Ted”). It’s one of the show’s better episodes as of late.


Andre’s the only one in the holiday spirit on BLACK-ISH
Andre doesn’t care about Halloween so much as he cares about pranking his wife and children. Little does he know that the joke’s on him this time around!

If you, like me, gave up on “black-ish” earlier this fall, it’s time to check back in. This isn’t only the strongest episode of tonight’s ‘Spooktacular’ block, but it also might go down amongst sitcom Halloween episodes as an instant classic. A family sitcom hasn’t had this much fun with the ghoulish holiday since the day and age of “Roseanne.” Deon Cole (“Conan”) guest stars.


There’s nothing better on television tonight
Lots of good comedies have come and gone as part of ABC’s Wednesday night block (I’m looking at you, “Cougar Town” and “Happy Endings”), but never before has the alphabet network had such a compatible two hours of family entertainment. Unless you’ve got a hankering for the misadventures of Debra Messing, tonight’s festive line-up is your best bet to be entertained.

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