GREY’S ANATOMY Redux: “Calzona” Could Be No More and That’s OK!


There’s no Grey’s Anatomy this week but there’s still things to discuss from last week so let’s talk.

Last Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy saw what could be the end of Callie and Arizona and I’m here to tell you that this is a good thing. Ok, ok … before you all start to riot, let me explain myself. I want to start this off by saying that I’m a Callie and Arizona fan and thought they were definitely going to be endgame when they first got together. But this couple has been through a lot and now, I’m not so sure they are endgame or that I want them to be.

There are so many times when the Calzona relationship has taken a hit that’s hard to decide whien was the moment that we all should have known that it was over. Was it when they broke up because Arizona didn’t want kids? Or was it, when they broke up because Arizona was going to Africa and Callie didn’t really want to go? It could also be when Arizona returned and Callie had slept with Mark and was knocked up with his child. Maybe, it was Arizona cheating on Callie…? I honestly don’t know because it could have been any of those or maybe one that I didn’t even mention.

Safe to say that there’s been a few bumps in the road for them but they appeared to overcome them or so we thought. All those things took a toll on their relationship and they’ve never really been the same since the plane crash at least that’s what I thought. It seems like, to Arizona at least, that they’ve never been the same since Arizona returned from Africa and learning that Callie was sleeping with Mark. Arizona mentioned that in one of their therapy sessions and that threw me for a loop because so much has happened since then yet that still bothers her. If that’s true, then they both have too much to figure out while being together and dealing with everything that comes with being part of a couple.

And I for one am happy that this constant fighting between the two of them will be put to rest. Calzona was getting too annoying and it felt like every other episode was them fighting or arguing. That isn’t healthy and there’s only so much chaos a viewer can take (looking at you Meredith and Derek). Plus, I don’t know about the rest of you but one of my favorite episodes of Grey’s was season 8 episode 18 where we found out that Arizona had slept with multiple people that worked in the hospital. That Arizona seemed fun and lively, I want that Arizona back! I’m interested to see Callie and Arizona, but mostly Arizona, single and ready to mingle (as the saying goes).

Not every relationship is meant to be and I think it’s time we stop believing in Callie and Arizona. Let them find some peace without each other; they both deserve that. Sometimes the greatest act of love is letting someone be happy without you. Plus, as a viewer I’ll be glad that they are apart because they both use to be pretty happy and entertaining characters and now they have been reduced to crying or having an angry face all the time. So no more Calzona, let’s all do a big sigh of relief that this storyline will be put to bed and hope that new and different plots will come these girls way.

Side Note: While I agree that Arizona and Callie shouldn’t be together right now, Arizona’s reason for staying and Callie’s reason for leaving were not the best. Arizona wanted to stay because she’s having a tough time at work and wants “her anchor,” I’m not sure that should be a reason to stay with someone. And Callie’s reason for leaving was crap. She laughed and excelled at work because of the space from Arizona, because she didn’t have to work on keeping them stable. I’m confused? When was Callie doing that recently? I liked the twist that it was Callie and not Arizona that wanted their relationship to end but I think a more believable reason, like they just don’t make each other happy and are probably just staying together because they have a child, would have made more sense.

Sound off below and let me know if you think Arizona and Callie are still end game.

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  • Calzonafan

    There’s something a bit annoying about a man commenting on the only lesbian relationship on network television and telling folks that it’s fine that they are no more. Has this relationship been put through the ringer? Yes. Have they been used as dramatic endnotes without getting any of the additional pieces given to the leads of the show like Meredith and Cristina? Most definitely yes. So now that Cristina is gone and Callie seems to be taking over for her, is there a chance to dig deeper with Calzona to give them a story worthy of them? Yes. Should this be a story of parting and giving up on each other and their relationship? No.

    There is no media representation of a lesbian couple that is successful with a family. They are used as foils for others, killed off or the bisexual character leaves for a man, or gets knocked up by a man. By creating Calzona, Shonda gave viewers who had no media representation the chance to finally see themselves for the very first time on network television. To completely end this relationship is a disservice to the six years that people were asked to invest in them as MFEO, as the show runner specifically told people she believed that they were. It’s cruel to do this to a group of individuals that can’t run off and turn on another show in order to see a proximity of themselves and their families. It’s insulting to ignore what Calzona represent to their audience.

  • Kelly

    You’re opinions are valid but I want to point out that a man didn’t write this. I did, a woman.

  • LMAO

    LOL. Mega fail on Calzonafan.

  • Calzonafan

    LOL — It was tweeted by Daniel the TV Addict and I clearly didn’t look at your picture or bio. Oops. But outside of that first line, I still stand by the rest of it.

  • Jessie

    Not sure if you are actually a lesbian or an ally, but I am a lesbian. Please stop posting as if you are speaking for our entire community, I find that to be insulting. What I want to see on television are well written characters and true representations of what lesbian couples are like. In real life, lesbian couples with children break up.

  • Calzonafan

    Apologies. I shared the thoughts that I have seen expressed time and again by a variety of people throughout the fandom. Not one person and definitely not all people.

    Good story is important. But a positive end for Calzona can be done with good storytelling. There’s actually never been a mainstream lesbian couple who have survived to ride off into the sunset.

    And right now, The Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page is riddled with homophobic comments that Callie should go back to men and Arizona is a selfish, horrible bitch. I hate that.

    But apologies for appearing to represent all. I will try to do better.