Recapper’s Lament: THE ORIGINALS “Red Door”


I’ve spent the day reading reviews and reactions to THE ORIGINALS episode that aired last night and I have a question for you TV Addicts: Am I the only one that didn’t really like it?

I thought there were some great moments but overall not the best episode, especially when compared to last week’s episode which was fantastic. The epic battle between Klaus and Mikael was almost identical to the fight from last week expect this time Klaus lost but that ended up not mean anything. Another plot of this episode was wrapped around Davina, who is officially becoming one of the most annoying characters on television. And lastly, the Elijah story with flashbacks … I wasn’t impressed (although I was very much impressed that the episode began with a shirtless Elijah) and I know that this story will obviously become important when Kalus learns that Elijah killed Tatia but as of right now, not much was gained. In fact, not much was gained at all from this episode. Did anyone actually believe that the writers were going to let Klaus get staked and die thereby killing almost every character on THE ORIGINALS and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES..?

This leads me to the point of this post: it is very hard to write a recap or reaction piece about an episode that you don’t feel like actually talking about. I’m not looking for sympathy or pity, I just want to explain why there will be no recap of THE ORIGINALS this week (and I might be looking for a little pity…).

The point of a recap is to go over all the great elements and moments of an episode (basically, a high overview) and also to give my reaction or opinions on everything. It’s a great way to start conversation in case I or you missed anything but more importantly to get everything off my chest (yes, one could say this is slightly selfish but I wouldn’t be able to operate in my daily life without getting my thoughts and feelings off my chest). But when I come across an episode that I didn’t enjoy, it’s difficult to go over plot developments. For one, I don’t believe there were that many and it’s hard to stay positive. Who wants to read something where I criticize the show that I’ve chosen to recap for 500 plus words for one not so great episode? I definitely wouldn’t and I don’t expect you to either.

Plus, I don’t want to write a recap and seem super negative about a show that I truly enjoy watching every week. I also have nothing to get off my chest because it’s not like I hated the episode, there just wasn’t anything to talk about. I have no rundown of thoughts because I only had about 5 notes while watching and if I were to write a rundown it would be the same thoughts I’ve had for weeks: Esther is crazy, Elijah is great, etc.. I found myself not even paying attention for half the episode.

So what’s a recapper to do? Well, instead of writing a redundant recap or one full of negativity, you are treated with my Recapper’s Lament Please sound off below and let me know if you disagree and this episode of THE ORIGINALS was worth a recap or if you understand my pain.

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