GREY’S ANATOMY Recap: “Don’t Let’s Start”


Season 11 | Episode 6 | “Don’t Let’s Start” | Aired Nov 6, 2014

Oh, how I’ve missed you GREY’S, how I’ve missed you.   After a week of absence this week’s episode was a biggie.   For starters, April’s (Sarah Drew) mom was in town and went shopping with Jackson (Jesse Williams) for the baby’s nursery.  April got into a fight with her mom about controlling everything about the baby and Jackson took over and ran the errands with her mom, and surprisingly enjoyed it.
Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is now living at the hospital since her split from Callie. (Sarah Ramirez) She worked with Dr. Herman (Geena Davis) on a surgery and she terrorized Arizona the entire time.  She made her nervous and confused, later explaining to her that the reason she is so hard on her is because she has an inoperable brain tumor and has six months to live.  She is so hard on her because she wants Arizona to be her when she’s gone. 
Jo’s (Camilla Luddington) case hit home this week.  Her patient lived in her car and when she was robbed didn’t just lose her car, she lost everything.  Alex (Justin Chambers) sees that this case was tough for her, she expresses how she doesn’t want to lose her bed, prompting him to say, “I’m not going anywhere I swear to God, except home with you.”
Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) don’t hate each other, which is good.  Sure, they still refer to each other as “Doctor Grey and Doctor Pierce, but at least they aren’t gunning for each other.  They chatted about Ellis’ (Kate Burton) journals and Meredith even invited her over for dinner.  Of course Maggie didn’t make it to dinner though because her and Webber had an awkward encounter outside of Derek and Meredith’s house.  Maggie told Webber that she didn’t want him to be her father, she already ahs one.  She wanted Webber to be honest with her and he wasn’t.   
Most obnoxious character of the season: Derek Shepherd.  First he tortures Meredith about how she convinced him not to take the job for the white house and how he has to give up his dream for her.  In next week’s episode it seems as though he is sabotaging his sisters (Caterina Scorsone) job at the hospital.  Can’t he just give it a rest?  He is great with Maggie; I’ll give him that.   
Best line: “And Zola needs more black people in the family because I’m running out of ways to braid her hair and Bailey won’t show me any more.” – Derek Shepherd
Best awkward conversation: Maggie: “I brought wine.” Richard: “I’m an alcoholic.”

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