TWO AND A HALF MEN Recap: The Ol’ Balls and Chain


Season 12 | Episode 2 | “A Chic Bar in Ibiza” | Aired Nov 6, 2014

Walden Schmidt is ready to be a father, even if that means marrying Alan Harper.

In “A Chic Bar in Ibiza,” Mr. and Mr. Harper-Schmidt said “I do,” but not before one last lovers’ spat. The wedding was almost called off when Walden asked Alan to sign a pre-nup, insulting his bridezilla-to-be and threatening his chance to adopt a child.

Luckily, when a man loves a woman another man, he can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else. After talking it out with their mothers, the two agreed that their fight was nonsensical, and Alan agreed to Walden’s request.

Tonight’s episode kicked off what is sure to be a series of callbacks to the Ashton Kutcher era of “Men” over the course its final season. Michael Bolton returned to serenade Alan at his wedding, later being told by Robin that she had a certain sex toy named after him (see “I Changed My Mind About the Milk” below). The morning after, Bolton escorted Robin down from Walden’s bedroom. Upon her exit, Evelyn followed! As you’ll remember, Jenny escorted Robin and Lynda Carter out from Alan’s bedroom at the start of last season (see “Justice In Star-Spangled Hot Pants” below).

“Men” also took a moment to address this season’s controversial subject matter. Walden knows how long the LGBT community has fought for marriage equality, and his marriage to Alan is not meant to make a mockery of that long and winding road. He knows he’ll be able to provide his future son or daughter with all the love and support they deserve in a luxurious home, and that’s more than many other prospective parents would be able to provide. It was an important moment of reflection in an otherwise cartoonish episode.

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