WHITE COLLAR Recap: Live Free or Die


Season 6 | Episode 1 | “Borrowed Time” | Aired Nov 6, 2014

“They’e promised you freedom before. What makes you think they’ll deliver?” – Mozzie

“Who says that’s all I’m after?” – Neal

“White Collar” is on borrowed time. Literally.

People like Neal Caffrey always wind up “behind bars or dead,” and in the show’s final episodes, the (reformed?) conman will attempt to defy the odds, with no loose ends going untied.

With Peter and Mozzie’s help, Neal will infiltrate and incriminate the Pink Panthers – an elusive group of white collar thieves who have stolen billions in diamonds and other valuables over the last 20 years – in exchange for his freedom. (Easy peasy, right?)

But first, a brief summation of what went down in last night’s premiere.

Rebecca (Bridget Regan) might have actually been a homicidal monster by the name of Rachel Turner, but her love for Neal was always true. Peter used that to his advantage, enabling the convicted criminal to cough up information on his whereabouts. It was too little, too late though, as Neal had already figured a way out, convincing Rachel’s gullible henchman, Jon Booth, that they’d achieve more as outlaws if they worked as a two-man team. Booth has been itching to join the Pink Panthers, and the only way to make a good first impression is to pull off the ultimate heist. Unfortunately, he had already made himself known to the Panthers, and infiltrating their offices could have him killed. It was up to Neal to permeate Pink Panthers’ headquarters (by zip line, no less!) and break into the vault of its first-in-command, a questionable figure by the name of Woodford (Gavin Lee). Little did Booth know that breaking and entering Woodford’s office was all apart of Neal and Peter’s grand scheme.

Neal and Peter have a lot riding on this final mission. Neal is the FBI’s most valuable asset, and if he fails to keep his end of the bargain, he’ll risk the chance of making his tracking anklet a permanent fixture. For Peter, El’s safety overshadows every other risk. In “Borrowed Time, ” Elizabeth returned to New York with big news – she and Peter are about to become first-time parents! Whether or not he realizes it yet, this changes everything.

Let’s face it: Elizabeth was never staying in D.C., especially with Peter and Satchmo back in New York. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mrs. Suit is with child. The Burkes are one of TV’s happiest-ever couples, and they were always going to get their happily ever after.

Rachel may have died, but don’t expect a season-long bloodbath. Infiltrating the Pink Panthers won’t be easy, but “White Collar” would never go as dark as killing off one of its beloved leads as part its final con. Rachel just had other places to be. Namely, “Jane the Virgin.”

Next week: a familiar face returns at the worst possible time, and Peter puts his fatherly instincts to the test when he and Neal are tasked with securing an antique stamp.


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  • Ed Mott

    Crossbow bolt could not carry weight of zip cord. Leather belt friction should have ignited primer cord.

  • No one said it was realistic, but the same mistake has been made on action dramas before. “Chuck” did the same thing in its third season premiere.