THE ORIGINALS Recap: Wheel Inside the Wheel


Last night’s episode of THE ORIGINALS left my jaw on the ground (which is becoming a theme this season) and I was just able to pick it up this morning. This episode dropped a huge bomb, one that I wouldn’t have guessed if I had 1 million guesses. THE ORIGINALS’ writers have really outdone themselves and I cannot wait until the next episode. Let’s dive in TV Addicts.

We start in the year 972 with Esther and who we find out is Esther’s sister. Esther asks her sister for help in conceiving a child which the sister agrees to do. Now, let me state that I thought the purpose of this scene was to show us how much Esther wanted to be a mother and then later we would find out how the circumstances of her life made her the way she is today. I thought I had hit the nail on the head so much that I barely remembered what year this took in and the name of said sister. Well, obviously, I was way off base but we will get to that in a little.

Before we get back into the Esther of it all, I’ll quickly go over a few other developments. Oliver was apparently captured during the wolves vs Elijah/Oliver fight a few episodes ago (I had completely forgotten about him) and Hayley wants to rescue him as the witches are going to kill him at midnight. Hayley knows she can’t do this by herself and needs someone that can rule the wolves aka an Alpha. That Alpha happens to be Jackson, who is living in the forest with some guy named Ansel. Jackson refuses to help but Ansel jumps on board so he and Hayley set out to help Oliver. While this is happening Cami has some bizarre “date” with Vincent/Finn to distract him and of course he starts to like her. Must every guy on THE ORIGINALS fall for Cami, is Elijah next?

Anyways, Klaus wants Elijah back (as we all do!) but first he must draw out his mother to find Elijah’s location. And what better way to draw her out than to threaten to burn her corpse. Esther makes an appearance and wants to have story time with Klaus about his father. Esther says that after the death of Freya (apparently the Mikaelson’s first child) Mikael went into a deep depression and pulled away from Esther. This led Esther to fall for Klaus’ father but when Mikael learned that Esther was pregnant it snapped him out his depression so she lied to Mikael and told him Klaus was his. Esther pushed Klaus’ father away out of fear of Mikael so now Esther wants to give Klaus what he always deserved: to be a wolf. She promises to put him in the body of a werewolf so that he can have another life and a new family. Klaus refuses her offer and demands to know where Elijah is so Esther tells and Klaus is off to get him.

On the way he bumps into Ansel who also just happens to be Klaus’ real father! What the what?!? Klaus, of course, pushes him away but I think this is just the beginning of this father-son relationship (in case you were wondering, Esther somehow pulled Ansel back to the land of the living before the other-side collapsed). Klaus finds Elijah but Esther is not far behind him with another plea for him to let her “save” him and ask why Klaus hates her so much. Klaus screams because she came for his child and he’ll never forgive that. Klaus leaves with Elijah and Finn/Vincent returns to allow Esther to drop a huge bomb on us viewers. She came for Hope because when she made the deal with her sister to help Esther get pregnant, the price for this was her first child. But not just Esther’s first child, the first child from everyone in the Mikaelson line, meaning Hope. Esther had to kill Hope because if she was unable to give her sister the first born said sister would come for them all. Umm… Hope’s alive so I think Esther’s sister is the big bad this year and I’m so excited for this!

Here’s the rundown:
• Ollie died but not before he told Jackson to basically get his act together and save the wolves
• Best line of the episode: “Is this some sort of motherly critic? Please precede to choke on it.” – courtesy of Klaus
• Has there ever been mention of Freya before? I can’t think of a time when someone mentioned a Freya?
• What the hell did Esther chant in Elijah’s eye after she slit his throat?
• I loved Esther’s face when Klaus told her Mikael was back as well. That reunion will be something to see
• How great was this episode without the annoyance of Davina?
• Hayley is turning into quite the badass
• THE ORIGINALS is having a great season so far, take that sophomore slump!

Sound off below with your thoughts on the episode.

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