We Shine the Spotlight on SCANDAL Star Joshua Malina


Major networks like ABC don’t give 3 hour block’s of television to just anyone, and they certainly don’t focus all of their airtime and marketing to advertise that three hour block.  That is, unless, you’re Shonda Rhimes the powerhouse behind three of the most successful shows currently on the air.  Rhimes has been a power player in the ratings game for many years now, even so, no show has commanded social media or generated as much buzz as her political drama SCANDAL has.  Forget Kim Kardashian, SCANDAL has been breaking the Internet weekly since it’s premiere in April of 2012.  While all of the shows stars have had their fair share of juicy roles and successful and acclaimed series/ films, Joshua Malina stands out among the rest.  Beginning his career in A Few Good Men and eventually moving on to highly regarded series such as, TRACEY TAKES ON, SPORTS NIGHT, IN PLAIN SIGHT, and most notably THE WEST WING.  Malina has had an outstanding career, but his most recent work on SCANDAL is what I believe helped America fall in love with him.  Sure, most of the time we can’t stand David Rosen, the cutthroat, attorney general who is always testing Olivia. (Kerry Washington)  But let’s be honest, he’s grown into one of the strongest and most intense characters on the show, and one of our favorite live-tweeters.  He is crucial to the SCANDAL universe, having some of the most jaw dropping scenes (It’s still too soon to talk about Episode 313, “No Sun On The Horizon.”) Rosen is constantly overlooked; you could say he is the underdog of this addicting and wonderful show.  Malina soars on the Thursday hit, his character is memorable and his presence is necessary.  I had the privilege of interviewing the gifted actor about his work with Aaron Sorkin and about his work on SCANDAL.  Don’t miss the mid-season finale of SCANDAL tonight!
What can you tell us about tonight’s episode?
Joshua Malina: Umm…it will be a heart-stopping, pulse-quickening melange of drama, romance, thrills, and chills. You’ll laugh until you cry. You’ll cry until you drink. How’s that? 

Do you miss the constant fighting between Olivia and David?  Will we see them butt heads over the law and how she tends to bend it?
I love doing battle with Olivia. Kerry’s a lot of fun to act with, and I relish the chance to go head-to-head with her. Sure, she tends to win our little arguments, but David occasionally gets in a good shot. I believe they will continue their frenemy ways. Sure hope so, anyway.
No one is ever safe in Shondaland! Last season when James was shot did you know that David would be spared? How do you think Abby would have dealt with it if it were David that was shot, rather than James? 
In truth, I didn’t think that James or David would be killed. I thought it’d turn out that there was someone else off-camera…a deer maybe? Or that someone would be wounded, but not killed. I just really didn’t believe that either of our characters would die. I spent days assuring Dan Bucatinsky that we were safe. “C’mon, dude. Us? No way. We’re great!” I was shocked when he later texted me the news. I have since given up guessing where Shonda’s going. I’m no good at it.
I guess that if David had died, Abby would have hopped over to Leo a little sooner.
Leo and Abby shared had a special moment in last week’s episode.  Do you think he could be a threat to David?
Threat? Nah. Leo can have her. Time for David to look around….
I know you can’t tell us who she picks, but who would you like to see Olivia end up with, Jake or Fitz?  Who do you think is better for her? 
Well, I think we’re a long way off from any kind of romantic resolution for Ms. Olivia Pope, and as I’ve mentioned, I’m no good at predicting where Shonda’s fiendish imagination will take us, so who knows? I’m not sure either is too good of a choice…
What’s been your favorite scene or episode so far throughout SCANDAL’s run?  Is there a specific scene you loved shooting? 
Call me lazy, but I really enjoyed the run of episodes when David was falling apart, and he just hung around OPA, lounging and eating cereal. Mmmmm, cereal. Those were happy times.
If you could have David star in any other show on TV right now what would it be? 
VEEP. He’d have to toughen up quick, though, or they’d tear him apart over there.

Your frequent collaborator Aaron Sorkin recently made headlines by proclaiming that he’s more than likely done with the weekly grind of hour long television shows. How do you feel about the news that Sorkin may stop giving us memorable TV characters like Will Bailey and Jeremy Goodman?
Just as Natalie Hurley once refused to accept Jeremy Goodwin’s breakup, I refuse to accept Aaron’s statement. As an ardent fan of his writing for television, and as an actor hopeful of once again performing in same, I say “No.”
NBC is in talks to do a live TV version of Sorkin’s Broadway Play turned hit movie A Few Good Men. Any chance you’ll make an appearance having starred in the original Broadway production? 
As soon as I read of the potential project, I tweeted my interest in playing Sam Weinberg. Now, I’m not sure anyone’s combing through my Twitter feed, looking to see what roles I want to play, but if they’ll allow me to read for it, I shall do so.

You can watch Joshua in the mid-season finale of SCANDAL tonight at 9:00 on ABC.

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