Review: NEW GIRL Had a Bang-Up Thanksgiving

new girl thanksgiving

It’s not the easiest of tasks trying to concoct a review for a weekly half-hour sitcom, but it’s always worth noting when a show like “New Girl” is in the midst of a comeback season.

Last week, I spoke about why some of this fall’s episodes have worked so well, and why just as many of them have not. The Fox comedy has largely become a show about nothing, which is fine as long as you have a group of likable characters that are still able to mature over time.

“Thanksgiving IV” never substituted good characterization for laughs, and for the first time since September’s wedding affair, the loft mates on “New Girl” felt real again. It’s also worth noting that I’m bound to like any episode more if it involves Nick’s longtime pool pal, and potential Korean War hero, Tran. Let’s face it, folks: those two are a match made in TV heaven.

Last night’s ‘Bangsgiving’ bash let the entire ensemble shine. Jess’ relationship with Ryan advanced in a way that felt true to the character, as opposed to whatever last week’s mess was supposed to achieve. Jess has largely grown out of her awkward, over-the-top, season one self, but the character regressed to an infuriating point in “Teachers.” And just one week after having Nick say he’s never been capable of love, the show properly addressed his fears about moving on from Jess and the potential of getting hurt again. It built nicely out of the B-plot, which featured Schmidt bringing one of Nick’s exes to dinner, a woman who might have been a bit too antisemitic for a Jewish Pharrell’s taste.

Speaking of the loft’s proclaimed douche, it looks like the writers are warming up to the idea of getting Schmidt and Cece back together, something the show finally has time for after a congested third year. In fact, getting them back together might just be the through-line season four needs to fully succeed.

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