Today’s TV Addict Top Top 5: Things We’re Thankful For on TV this Holiday Season


The 2014 fall season has been filled with quality television and has premiered and revamped some of the best shows of the last couple of years. Here are 5 shows I’m thankful for.

SERIOUSLY, this show will never not be on one of my “Favorite Shows” lists. GREY’S really stepped it up this season, like dropping the bomb that is Dr. Maggie Pierce. Have I mentioned how much I love Kelly McCreary on the show? Her character is so wonderful and such a necessary presence in the cast. Adding that element where she is Meredith’s half sister and Richard and Ellis’s daughter was such a jaw dropping and powerful reveal. That alone makes this one of GREY’S best seasons yet. Caterina Scorsone joining the cast, as a regular was also a brilliant move for the show. Her character really shined this season and is taking the neuro department by storm. This show isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Although its second season wasn’t as good as the first the third season of the Aaron Sorkin HBO drama is really stepping up in terms of content. Chris Messina has been phenomenal this season and Kat Dennings’ guest appearance was such a wonderful surprise. I’m truly going to miss this show when it goes off the air in just a few short months. THE NEWSROOM is one of those shows I can watch no matter how tired I am; I’ll immediately become wide-awake and fully alert. Every episode this show jolts me out of my seat, its one of my favorite things about Sunday nights. I’ll miss it dearly.

P.S. I think I am going to miss Sam Waterston in a bow tie the most.

Oh how I’ve missed Lisa Kudrow on my TV screen every week! When news broke that THE COMEBACK was, well, coming back I couldn’t believe it. I adored this show when for so long and always hoped for another season. It truly was a show that was ahead of its time. I’m so happy it’s finally getting the love it deserves, it’s easily one of my favorite fall shows and a show I am definitely thankful for. Valerie cherish is a national treasure, people!

In my opinion this is the most important show that has premiered this season. A game changer for Amazon Prime, this show is some of Jeffrey Tambor’s best work. I will be incredibly shocked if this show doesn’t receive a bundle of Emmy nominations. Amy Landecker is mesmerizing and deserves infinite recognition. Jill Soloway’s wonderful show was one of my absolute favorite shows of the season. I finished the first season in two days and couldn’t look away for one second.

Can we all agree to never stop praising this show? This is absolutely my favorite new fall show. It’s hands down the most adorable and wonderful show currently on TV. Gina Rodriguez is perfect as Jane Villanueva. This truly is the little show that could and it’s without a doubt at the top of my “Must Watch” list.

Honorable Mention: ORPHAN BLACK
Although this show doesn’t count because it isn’t a fall show it’s still my #1 show and the show I’m most thankful for.