Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things We’re Thankful For (and a Few Turkeys!)


It’s the time of the year when we think about what we are thankful for, TV Addicts. Well, I’m very thankful for TV! Of course, I’m more thankful about some things than I am others so here is the top 5 things I’m thankful for this television season (so far):

THE GOOD WIFE had one of the greatest seasons of television last year so one would assume that this season couldn’t be as good. Well, one would be very, very wrong. This current season started on a path that no could have seen coming with Cary being arrested. Plus, the storyline of Alicia running for State’s Attorney allows for new and fresh Alicia plots plus more Eli which is always a good thing. It was a travesty that THE GOOD WIFE wasn’t nominated for best drama last year at the Emmys and it will be an even bigger one if it doesn’t this year.

James Spader in THE BLACKLIST/Megan Boone no longer wearing a wig
THE BLACKLIST wouldn’t be the same if anyone else was playing Red (in fact, I bet that the show probably wouldn’t have made it to air without Spader). He is able to be charming while killing people and somehow convince all of us that he’s not a horrible person even though he is a murderer. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to handle if Spader isn’t nominated for an Emmy this year, I mean who didn’t tear up when Spader was describing Dembe’s life. Also, I think we can all be thankful that Megan Boone has stopped wearing those horrible wigs.

Season two of THE ORIGINALS has completed squashed the idea of the sophomore slump. As much as I miss Rebekah and even with how annoying Davina is, THE ORIGINALS is turning out a powerhouse of a second season. The arrival of Klaus and Elijah’s parent and siblings has allowed our characters to grow while also explaining much more about their backstory. While it’s sister show (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) is so wrapped around who is dating who, THE ORIGINALS’ love relationships take a back seat. Even though I want Klaus with Cami and Elijah with Hayley there is too much going on to have those relationships really matter at the moment. I for one have no idea how this season is going to play out and I’m just excited to seat back, watch and enjoy.

Sheldon finally admitting he loves Amy
While the other couples have basically stalled on THE BIG BANG THEORY. Leonard and Penny are making no plans for their wedding and Howard and Bernadette are already married, Sheldon and Amy are the only couple having new developments. I wish Sheldon and Amy would advance into a more physical relationship but for now Sheldon saying he loves Amy is enough.

THE MINDY PROJECT gets better and better every season but this third season seems like the show has finally found its footing. Mindy and Danny in a relationship has caused some hilarious episodes and they are definitely the heart of the show. This season has even found a place for Dr. Reed, Tamra and Morgan. Peter is my favorite character outside of Mindy/Danny and I think the lost of him will be felt, I have faith that the writers now know how to give the supporting cast interesting stories.

Now for a few Turkeys that have happened this television season so far:

The cancellation of A TO Z: I really enjoyed this show and it was getting better and better every episode. Cristin Milioti is star in the making and this showed deserved a full season pick up.
Owen Hunt on GREY’S ANATOMY: Dr. Hunt may go down as the worst fictional Chief of Surgery on any show. I’m not sure where Grey’s is taking this character but other than him being rude to pretty much everyone of his doctors, he has no place on the show anymore.
Frozen plot on ONCE UPON A TIME: This started out as such a good idea but it hasn’t panned out well at all. It’s taking too long to come to a head and it has caused series regular characters to be pushed to background. Just find Anna already and get them back to Arendale.

What are you thankful for this television season? Sound off below about your favorite shows and any turkeys you think I missed.