Golden Globe Nominations: Shocks, Snubs, and “Jane the (Freaking!) Virgin”

jane the virgin

The 2015 Golden Globe nominations were announced earlier this morning, and included as many welcome surprises as jaw-dropping snubs. Today, we’ll break down some of the positives and negatives among this year’s nominees.

“Jane the Virgin” probably just bought itself a second season
CW executives are almost certainly toasting “Jane” over champagne this morning. This fall’s best new show, and one of the best light-hearted fares on all of television, was nominated for best comedy or musical, and star Gina Rodriguez was nominated for best actress in a comedy or musical. Upon her competition are the likes of Lena Dunham, Edie Falco, Taylor Schilling and Julia Louis Dreyfus. That’s some great company to be in when you’re the star of one your network’s lowest rated shows. Ratings might not be too great for the fan-favorite dramedy, but it probably just bought itself a second season with award nominations solidifying its unanimous critical acclaim.

“Modern” reigns come to an end
Five-time Emmy winner, “Modern Family,” lost to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” last January, so it’s not as if it was suddenly expected to win for best comedy or musical next month. Regardless, it’s a bit surprising to see it shut out of all the major categories. Same goes for Jim Parsons and “The Big Bang Theory,”

Showtime’s excellent “The Affair” got more nominations than expected
“The Affair” not only scored a nod for best drama, but acting nods for Dominic West and Ruth Wilson. West was the most likely to be recognized by HFPA, but I would have been more devastated had Wilson’s riveting performance gone ignored. She probably won’t get the win, but she sure as hell deserves it.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was snubbed
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” probably didn’t deserve the wins it received at last year’s Golden Globes, which included a best actor trophy for Andy Samberg, and the show winning for best comedy or musical. This year, the show has been shut out of both of those categories despite the fact that it only improved in 2014. The last half of season one was nearly a dozen straight fantastic episodes, and the first half of season two has only built on that creative success. Shutting this gem of a comedy out of any major category feels like an utterly irresponsible mistake.

“Transparent” got the nominations it should have also received from SAG
Both “Transparent” and its star, Jeffrey Tambor, were nominated this morning in their respective categories. How on earth the show didn’t get the same recognition from SAG is unexplainable; granted, that’s less about this morning’s nods, and more about the mistakes made by a separate voting body. Yay “Transparent!” Yay Tambor!

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