THE ORIGINALS Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Map of Moments” Midseason Finale


It’s been a few days since The Originals midseason finale aired and it has literally taken that long for me to process all that happened. This episode is everything that a midseason finale should be because it left viewers wanting more and having to lift their jaws off the ground. If I had the power to time travel, I would set it for January 19th when this show returns. Below you will find the top 5 moments from The Originals’ episode “The Map of Moments.”

Elijah and Hayley
Hayley told Elijah about having to marry Jackson while also stating that she doesn’t love Jackson but she must stop whatever relationship Elijah and her have. Elijah takes everything in and then kisses her! But that happiness was short live because he then tells Hayley to marry Jackson because she needs to unify her people. This was about to be the sweetest, saddest moment ever but then Hayley pulls Elijah in for a kiss!! After that, well… things get very hot and heavy.

Mikaelson Sibling Bonding
This show is at it’s best when Rebekah is in it. The bonding and drama our 3 favorite originals provide is what’s great about this show. I don’t know about you but I’ve missed Rebekah and having her back with her brothers takes everything to a new level. I hope eventually Claire Holt will return as a series regular and take down any threat that comes up for the Mikaelson siblings.

The Rebekah body swamp craziness
We all should have known that the kill Esther before she body swamps Rebekah would not go according to plan. But once again this show tricked me because I thought the twist was that Esther wanted to kill Rebekah’s vampire body or that once the spell starts it can’t be stopped. But no, Kol was the one that ruined everything and turned his back on his siblings. He put Rebekah in the body of a witch trapped in a house by Klaus 100 years ago. I believe we all know why the actor playing Kol hasn’t been promoted to series regular like Yusuf Gatewood (who plays Finn/Vincent). Because once Klaus find out and he definitely will find out, he or Marcel will kill Kol.

Klaus turning Esther into a vampire
I was still reeling over the loss of Rebekah that I almost missed another shocker. When Rebekah went to tell Esther that she is ready to be made human, she puts a few drops of her vampire blood in the glass of wine Esther is drinking. So when Klaus killed Esther during the spell ceremony, Esther didn’t just die, she started her transition. Meaning that her two choices are to finish the transition and drink the human blood Klaus left for her and become the thing she hates the most or die.

The Mikael and Esther meeting
How great was the Mikael and Esther meeting?! I’ve been waiting for a scene between them since the beginning of the season. What the best thing was about their meeting was that Mikael was super mad and maybe jealous that Esther chose to bring back Ansel instead of him. Sonja Sohn is so good as Esther that if this is the end of her, she will be missed.

What did you think of this episode, TV Addicts? Are you as over Davina and Kol as I am? Sound off below and tell your top moments of this episode.

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