BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From the 200th Episode “The 200th in the 10th”


Bones goes meta! This week for the 200th episode, we travel back to 1954. The beautiful and talented Emily Deschanel, and the leading man’s leading man, David Boreanaz, have completed their tenth film in ten years, so of course they’re being immortalized in cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. It’s showtime. Here are your top five BONES moments!

Booth, Jewel Thief!
Yes, our favorite FBI agent is a jewel thief. But if he plans on stealing from Eva Braga, he’s out of luck, since the only thing in Ms. Braga’s safe is her smoking corpse. Temperance Brennan, LAPD, is too late to capture him, but she went rogue and disobeyed… Daddy Brennan, the Chief of Police. So Aldo Clemens from Interpol will be handling the case from now on, while Brennan gets the stenographer’s desk next to Angela. But Angela tells Brennan to show them she’s as good as any guy in there. Time for Brennan to prove Booth didn’t kill Ms. Braga. She starts by breaking into Booth’s hotel room and making a deal with him to help her find the person who did kill Braga.

It’s not Eva Braga!
Booth lives up to his reputation by stealing an entire corpse and getting it to Hodgins and his faithful sidekick, Clark Edison, to figure out cause of death. But it’s not Eva, since the clothes don’t fit. Then who is it? But oh no! Just when Booth shows a sketch of the victim to Aubrey, Braga’s former boytoy, in order for him to identify her, Aubrey gets stabbed in the back. Booth pulls the knife from Aubrey’s back and looks at it, just in time for a little brat with a camera to get a nice picture of him. It’s just like modern times. Those meddling kids!

Booth, Modern-day Robin Hood.
Yep, it seems even in this incarnation, Booth is on the side of justice. He saw all of those people making money from the war, so he stole from them and gave the money to his buddies who were having a rough time.

The maid did it!
Well, this is awkward. It was Eva Braga who died. The maid (Cam) stole the jewels and went on a cruise posing as Braga. Aubrey was killed, because he knew the real Eva Braga. Cam knew she could frame Booth, since Braga made money off the war, and he’d be coming for the jewels. She puts Booth and Brennan in the closet, but just as they’re about to give in to all of that sexual tension, Cam takes Brennan.

Booth to the rescue!
Cam has Brennan’s unconscious body with her in a duffle bag and asks the pilot to help get her on a plane as Booth shows up. Our dashing hero chases down a plane. On foot! Yes, we’ve got a ourselves a Cary Grant situation. He manages to catch up with it and is hanging half out as the plane gets liftoff. He gets on board to fight Cam and the pilot, with the help of Brennan, still locked in a duffle. The plane swerves and banks, what with the pilot knocked out by Booth, and Cam loses her life going after her precious jewels. Our hero then manages to land the plane, as all good heroes do, and Brennan makes detective with a medal of honor. She’s also head of the new office of forensic anthropology.

All’s well that ends well. Booth and Brennan finally get that kiss. And Angela’s dad, who fought with Booth at Omaha Beach and wound up kind of being Booth’s fairy godfather, gets Braga’s jewels from Brennan.

The whole gang showed up for this one! Wendell was a cub reporter, Jessica was a singer at the Velvet Fox, while Adolfo played Ricky to her Lucy. It took going back to 1954 to have Caroline finally show up as the owner of the establishment. Arastoo played a fence, and in an awesome cameo and the only way I want to see him alive again, Pelant played a waiter.

All in all, a fun and enjoyable episode directed by Boreanaz. Let me know what you thought about the switch-up in the comments below.

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  • Karen

    awesome episode

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    So much fun!!!!!

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    LOVED IT!!!