jane the virgin

Coolest Breakthrough: At long last, someone has recognized that there are praise-worthy programs on The CW, with JANE THE VIRGIN scoring that network’s first Golden Globe nods.

Least Special “Special” Ever: Everyone at Discovery should be ashamed of their involvement with EATEN ALIVE… although I suspect that instead, they are gleefully planning a follow-up to what proved to be a ratings bonanza for the channel.

Lamest Resolution: I get that fairy tales are all about happy endings, but after weeks of the Ice Queen storyline, ONCE UPON A TIME basically wrapped things up with a Grinch-like “her heart grew three sizes that day and everything was awesome!”

Least Shocking Death: Given that portrayer Josh Bowman had made it pretty clear in various interviews how unhappy he was with his character’s trajectory, it wasn’t entirely surprising when REVENGE’s Daniel took a bullet for Emily.

Coolest Casting: Honestly, I’d have been disappointed if Ryan Murphy hadn’t landed HALLOWEEN star Jamie Lee Curtis for the upcoming SCREAM QUEENS!

Best Reaction: When THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Michael finally revealed to wife Lauren that he had cancer, the beauty laughed heartily. Why? She had suspected for weeks that he was cheating on her. Her laughter was as shocking as it was believable in the moment.

Performer Of The Week, Daytime Division: Long a fan favorite, Y&R’s Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) has been turning in one incredible performance after another in the aforementioned cancer storyline, proving once again that soaps aren’t just “training grounds” but home to some of the best actors you’ll find working in any medium.

Funnest Twist: In a TOP CHEF first, the judges did the shopping for the contestants, leading Padma to lament that the 30-minute time limit left her feeling “sorry for the chefs… I can barely park my car at Whole Foods in half an hour!”

Oddest Guest Appearnace: Nikki Minaj is taking over SPORTSCENTER on Friday because… um, yeah. I got nothing.

Most Controversial Finale: Declaring “I need my sons to grow up hating the thought of me,” SONS OF ANARCHY’s Jax made sure that they — and many viewers — would feel exactly that way by committing suicide.

Best Conversation Starter: Whether you loved or hated the episode, THE NEWSROOM’s “Oh, Shenandoah” got people talking about a controversial, difficult topic — the aftermath of rape — and that is always a positive thing.

Understatement Of The Week: After GENERAL HOSPITAL’s cops let yet another bad guy escape their clutches, Fluke (a.k.a. Fake Luke… just go with it!) quipped, “This particular police department, it must be said, is not exactly formidable.”

Biggest Question: While Chevy Chase and Sony told conflicting stories as to whether or not the actor would appear on Season 6 of COMMUNITY, most people’s reaction was, “Wait, that show’s still on? Wasn’t it cancelled, like, twice?”

Truest Truth: As if speaking for the audience, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Wyatt told wife-by-default Hope, “You always want what you don’t have!”

Most Dangerous Game: In discussing with mentor Zanna Roberts Rassi gambling with her godmother in Las Vegas, PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STAR’s Helen repeatedly said that their favorite game was “Russian roulette.” When the mistake was pointed out to her by the other designers, Helen laughed, “That’s why she gave me a good critique!”

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