THE MENTALIST Redux: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Black Market”


We begin this week with Mr. and Mrs. Cho, or as you know them, Kimball Cho and Teresa Lisbon. They’re buying a ring for their fake engagement. And you didn’t fool me, show. You wouldn’t deprive me of watching Jane propose. Here are your Mentalist Top Five moments!

That’s one hot diamond!
After Cho endures some PDA with Lisbon, they hightail it to the car where a diamond expert confirms it’s from a heist. The owner of the shop, a metrosexual with a spray tan who’s cheating on his wife with his young assistant, bought the diamonds from a guy named Rosales, who’s a vendor at a traveling gem show.

On the case!
Rosales, the guy who sold the diamonds, insists they’re legit. But there are more important matters, namely the dead body on the stairs. It’s Kirk Upton, a guy who’d nervously approached Cho and Vega when they got to the show. Poor Jane has a cold he refuses to acknowledge, so he’s using security camera footage to read the suspects.

There’s Greta, the appraiser, who got into an argument with Kirk. Jane thinks she has it in her, based on her posture. Jane also says her gum-chewing, brow-beaten daughter probs will spill it all to Cho if he just asks. Walker Pond (seriously?) is Kirk’s friend who goes on the run after lying about not seeing Kirk that day. Turns out Pond owed a loan shark and claims Kirk got shot because he borrowed Pond’s hoodie, but he’s wrong.

The caper!
As Jane lies huddled on his favorite couch, Lisbon has to play Jane on this one, while Jane Cyranos the whole thing. It involves public speaking, being the center of attention, and lying, three things Lisbon hates. But she’s fantastic, because she’s freaking Lisbon. She pretends to hear from Kirk and how he and his partner were selling stolen gems.

There’s mention of nicotine gum and how he wants her mother to ask her about it first.

Yep. It’s the brow-beaten gum-chewing daughter living in her mother’s fabulous shadow. Kirk wanted moolah for his special-needs kid, and she wanted to get away from the overbearing mom. I really thought they were gonna go with “The most famous guest star did it,” so when Leonard Roberts from Heroes showed up as the security guard, I was sure he was the killer. But he did do the heist. Kirk wanted to come clean after Bell (Roberts) killed the security guards. So, bye-bye Kirk.

Vega’s long climb back into Cho’s trust circle!
Abbott knows what happened but says Vega is young and reformable. Cho reluctantly agrees to partner with her, but his “Try not to lie to anyone,” says she has an uphill battle. As he tells her, “An apology is easy. Trust is earned.” And even though Vega does an impressive takedown of a suspect, Cho still seems unmoved. In the end, she suggests a trust-fall exercise which he rejects, but he does ask her to the gun range the next day. He even smiles. In keeping with the theme, Cho’s smiles are like rare gems.

Abbott’s wife gets a promotion!
We finally meet Abbott’s wife, Lena, and she’s just as beautiful and classy as you’d expect her to be. She’s practically the new Undersecretary for the Department of Commerce. There’s only the small issue of the confirmation. Rut roh. Danger, Will Robinson! Abbott was involved with the DEA taking down cartels way back when he was new. The bad news is, he may have done something shady. It’s suggested they should pretend to be going through a trial separation, so none of this comes back on Lena. Ugh, then Abbott tries to put one over on Lena by saying he wants to stay with his team and they should be a two-city couple, but Lena is a smart cookie and calls him on his BS. It looks like this fake separation is going to be the real deal. I hate politics.

So, what did you think? Did Vega do enough to win back Cho’s trust? Should he have agreed to the trust exercise and let her drop to the floor? What did Abbott do that was so bad, he won’t even tell his wife about it? And what about Jane’s suggestion to Lisbon that they just take off?

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