TV Year In Review: Our Top 10 Scenes from 2014

jane the virgin

It’s the end of 2014 so you will start to see many lists about the best and worst of television.  I love these lists (example A being that I’m writing one) but often times the lists include scenes or shows that were on the last television season.  So, in the interest of being different my list of the top 10 scenes of 2014 will only include scenes from the first half of the 2014 – 2015 network season (meaning anything before and including mid season finales are eligible).

**So many spoilers ahead**


Alicia going over her Oppo Research
This list could have honestly only been scenes from The Good Wife but instead of that, I chose the best scene of the season so far.  Alicia thought she would be able to handle anything that the opposition found out about her but that was until she found out that her mother spanked a child in a mall and her brother is sleeping with a married Palestinian man and that Zach’s girlfriend hand a freaking abortion!  Alicia’s reaction to all this was great and made this scene maybe the best scene in the history of The Good Wife.  Also, with lines like this: “I don’t like my kids seeing who I sleep with – how could they get out in time for their abortions,” how could this not be the top scene of 2014?!

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Damon and Elena dancing at the hospital party on The Vampire Diaries
Damon and Elena have so many epic moments and I’m sure most of you believe that the Delena rain kiss should be on this list.  However, the scene where Damon and Elena dance to the song “Belong” and Damon gives another “I would rather…” speech is just so brilliant.  It was almost identical to the scene where Elena admitted she loved Damon (without any sire bond in the way) for the first time in the season 4 finale.  Except this time Elena doesn’t say she loves Damon at the climax of the song “Belong” by the Cary Brothers instead she leaves him standing alone on the dance floor.  I loved the reminder of that season 4 scene but the twist/different ending made this scene memorable in a different way.

Oliver vs Ra’s al Ghul fight on Arrow
I think we all knew that Oliver and Ra’s al Ghul would ultimately battle each other but I don’t think any of us was disappointed in the crazy good fight scene we got.  While it was disappointing that Thea doesn’t remember killing Sara (I think her knowingly killing the Canary would have been a great plot), what Oliver is willing to sacrifice for his sister is not disappointing.  The stunt work on Arrow has always been at an all time high and this scene is no different but the CGI work was also on point for this scene.  The sword going through Oliver (twice!) still has me mesmerized.   There is no ounce of me that believes Oliver is dead but I’m still very excited for Arrow to return.

Sherlock and Kitty bonding on Elementary
Sherlock’s relationship with Joan has always intrigued me; they maybe have the most honest and complicated friendship on television currently.  I didn’t think I would ever see Sherlock feel for someone else the way he does Joan but then enter Kitty.  For a long time viewers weren’t sure how Sherlock felt about Kitty, he seemed to keep her at an arms length.  It wasn’t until episode 6 of this season (“Teri Pericolosa”) where Sherlock’s true intentions come to light.  Sherlock wants to protect Kitty and doesn’t want her to get hurt and regress because she has made so many improvements.  Then he tells Kitty that she can invite her guy to go to the museum with them.  Sherlock knows that dating will be hard for Kitty and he wants her to feel safe on their date.  My tears wouldn’t stop during this scene (or as I’m writing about it now).

Danny stripping to America Woman for Mindy
Danny stripping for Mindy in The Mindy Project premiere will go down in history.  Chris Messina totally committed to this and I watched it no less than 100 times.

Red’s love for Dembe
Somehow The Blacklist is able to make some of the murders Red commits seem completely justified.  In episode 6 of this season we were finally given the backstory of Dembe and how he and Red met.  But the scene that stood out of this episode was when Red was about to shoot a man that had a hand in the horrid past of Dembe and Dembe told him don’t.  James Spader delivered a heartbreaking and goosebump inducing monologue about how great of a person Dembe is and basically how important Dembe is to him, then of course Red shot the man.  I was stunned at that moment not because of what Red did but because of all the emotion that Spader lied out.  It was just fantastic.

Reign Rape aftermath
I’ve already ranted and raved about this scene but it’s so good I’m going to do it again.  Mary runs away from her chambers then bumps into Katherine and without exchanging any words Katherine knows and takes Mary to her room.  This is where Mary admits to Katherine what happened to her and the pain on Mary’s face along with the understand and sadness on Katherine’s face is heartbreaking.  Then Katherine helps Mary attempt to live with what happened to her and try to move past it.  Adelaide Kane and Megan Follows were outstanding in this scene and they deserve nothing other than our respect.

Jane realizing she is pregnant on Jane the Virgin
The CW’s new hit drama is getting a lot of press lately with its much deserved Golden Globe nomination.  There’s much evidence why this show is great but I just love the scene where Jane is at the hospital with her mother and learns she’s pregnant in the pilot.  From Jane and her mother immediately laughing to them getting angry at the nurse and finally to the nurse performing a pregnancy test in front of them and Jane calling with gynecologist.  It’s a great scene and one that proved that this show should be around for a very long time.

SVU Premiere Cleaning House
This season of SVU is good and the premiere was one of the best so far.  The best part of the pilot was when the gang responsible for Noah’s mother’s death “cleans house.”  That is to say that they kill anyone the SVU team got to flip and go after Noah.  The song “Gangsta” by Kat Dahlia plays over two deaths, Benson rushing to Noah and a gunman shooting up a park where Noah is playing.  The song was perfect, the interwoven shots were spot on and Mariska Hargitay is amazing as always.  It was a scene that is very rarely scene on SVU but I hope we see more.

Sheldon’s I love you to Amy on The Big Bang Theory
I’m definitely someone that yells all the time about the slow development of the Sheldon and Amy relationship.  I just think Amy deserves more but I absolutely loved how Sheldon told Amy he loves her.  It was so matter of factly and how he eliminated every other reason first.  That is so Sheldon.  Plus add on top of that Amy’s reaction of hyperventilating and needing to lie down.  How Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik are able to have chemistry when they never have any physical contact is beyond me but it is definitely fun to watch.

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