Let’s Get Ready to Binge-Watch: Ranking the FRIENDS Seasons!

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Friends will finally being making its debut on Netflix meaning it’s the perfect time to rank the 10 seasons. If you’re someone that has never watched Friends, this list will give you something to look forward to during your binging and if you are like me and can’t wait to rewatch Friends without commercials whenever you want (and don’t have the DVDs), I have included the best episode/s of each season. So without further adieu, the ranking of every Friends season:

**Some spoilers ahead**

Season 4
Choosing the number one season was rough but season 4 is definitely the best. First of all it has the best episode of Friends ever (*see below) and second of all it has some of the best plots. Rachel and Ross getting back together and then breaking up again, Rachel being jealous of Ross and Emily and one of the most talked about season finales ever.

Best Episode: The One with the Embryos

Season 2
I waivered between season 2 and 6 as the second best season but season 2 is really when Friends hit its stride and became a pop culture phenomenon. It has the beginning of the Ross and Rachel relationship, Janice returns and Tom Selleck.

Best Episode: The One with the Prom Video

Season 6
Season 6 has some of the best episodes of the whole series (just not the best) which is why there are 3 tied for best episode. Season 6 is when Friends hit its absolute peak and unfortunately, it’s also the last truly great season.

Best Episodes: The One after Vegas/The One with the Routine/The One with Rachel’s Sister

Season 5
Season 5 has one of my favorite plots ever, Chandler and Monica hiding their relationship. This season also has my personal favorite season finale.

Best Episode: The One Where Everyone Finds Out

Season 3
Some will say that this season should be higher on the list and while I loved season 3, it’s just nowhere near the greatness of the previous mentioned seasons. This season begins the craziness of the “on a break” debate and the final two episodes are very strong.

Best Episodes: The One with all the Jealousy/The One Where’s No One’s Ready

Season 1
Season 1 is the season that started it all but the show was still figuring itself out. It is one of the seasons that I rewatch rarely and doesn’t really have a best episode choice although the one I’ve chosen is very good. This season will hook you in for the rest of the season but the seasons following make this show what it became.

Best Episode: The One with the Blackout

Season 10
Season 10 is the best season of the last 4 and although that isn’t tough because Friends definitely took a creative downturn, it is still a pretty good season. This season couldn’t be considered good if not for the series finale. I for one was completely satisfied with this finale and it gave me everything I wanted. A show like Friends should give the fans what they want. It’s not Lost or Breaking Bad but what it is is a sitcom about 6 friends and their relationships. All the friends ended up where they should have and where I imagined they would be since season 1.

Best Episodes: The One Where Ross is Fine/The Last One

Season 7
These last few seasons had a lot of issues but that can happen with a long running season. Season 7 started off strong but the second half just wasn’t up to par.

Best Episode: The One with the Cheap Wedding Dresses

Season 8
Season 8 had the Rachel is pregnant plot and that was funny at times but it also started the worst storyline in the history of Friends: Joey liking Rachel.

Best Episodes: The One where Rachel tells Ross/The One with the Rumor

Season 9
I had to actually look at every episode to even remember what this season was about and to find the best episode if that tells you anything. Try to get through this season as fast as you can.

Best Episode: The One with Rachel’s Other Sister


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